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Over the years, Wine contributor Dan Kegel built up a veritable steamer-trunk of interesting scripts for testing, tweaking, and otherwise teaching Wine and WineHQ to do all kinds of tricks (even the early versions of Winetricks). For those interested in sorting through all his tools, keep on reading.

Tango-style info icon.svg This page is not intended to be permanent. The goal is to keep hints and major notes here while doing some code archaeology on the Winezeug repo, a project that probably has at most a time-horizon of a few years (and much shorter if someone prioritizes it).

Getting Winezeug

Winezeug was originally hosted on Google Code, but when Google began unwinding their code hosting service, it was automatically exported to Github. As of this writing, winezeug was last updated a year and a half ago by Austin English and there's no sign that Dan's repo will be actively maintained.

Still if you're interested in downloading it as Dan left it on Google Code, you can clone it through git:

git clone

Austin has also mentioned his fork, which is currently (March 2016) synced with Dan's:

git clone

Kyle Auble has also forked Dan's repo on his Bitbucket account and plans to dig through it from time to time, pushing any changes back to Bitbucket:

git clone

Preliminary Observations

From a very cursory glance, the code in the repo seems to fall into a few categories:

  • Random simple tests and cruft (the easy stuff to clear out)
  • Helper / Installer tools, including variations of winetricks (probably already been merged some, though checking would be good)
  • Explorations of the "jug" concept (a standard for wine-prefix management)
  • Various web-tools for data-mining or automating parts of WineHQ
  • Shims for using different testing tools on Wine

Also be sure not to overlook the wiki branch of the repo; it has a few (yet seemingly detailed) markdown pages from the repo's wiki on Google Code.