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This page contains a list of suggested content updates for the various parts of WineHQ, including this wiki.

Wiki Edit Access

To prevent spam, wiki edit access is now restricted to users in the "Trustworthy" group. To request edit access, follow the instructions here. If you are not already known to the project, please provide a detailed explanation of the changes you wish to make when requesting edit access.

Useful Tools for Editing the Wiki

If you are new to working with a wiki, or a MediaWiki wiki in particular, you may want to browse through

See List of templates for templates available on this wiki. (If you create a template, please add it to that page.)

Porting the Wiki

The porting of the old wiki was completed at the end of January, 2016. If a page was not ported, that was intentional. Most such pages were unmaintained and severely out-of-date, some duplicated information that was covered on another wiki page or elsewhere on this site, and some were combined with other pages. Please do not file bugs asking for these pages to be restored. Snapshots of the old wiki pages are available in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for anyone who needs the old information (look for snapshots taken prior to February, 2016).

Tips for handling differences between MediaWiki and MoinMoin

Users who were accustomed to the old wiki may find these helpful.

MediaWiki does not automatically create links based on CamelCase, and MediWiki displays the page title as a level 1 heading one each page
Because of those two differences, pages should not be given names in CamelCase, and when porting old pages. CamelCase names should be separated out (unless, of course, it is something that is supposed to be in CamelCase, e.g., WoW64) and a redirect page created for the CamelCase name. URLS are now case insensitive due to the SaneCase extension being installed. Redirects are automatic for case variations of page names. If you have _ in the URL, you still may want to create redirects for non underscore versions of the URL.
MediaWiki creates bulleted lists if the line starts with an asterisk, and preformatted text if the line starts with a blank space
Bulleted lists in MoinMoin were created by a blank space followed by an asterisk. When ported into Mediawiki, this displays as preformatted text with each line starting with an asterisk. Luckily, the solution is simple: delete the space in front of each asterisk.
Imported tables are just a blob of text with || characters all over the place
A (reasonably) quick way to get most tables into shape:
  1. Start the table with {|class="wikitable" on a line by itself
  2. End the table with |} on a line by itself
  3. Separate each row with |- on a line by itself
  4. Delete || from the end of each row (the table will have an extra, empty column if you don't)
That's enough to get simple tables into shape, and makes it easier to see what still needs to be done to fix more complex layouts.

Wiki To-Do

  • Add translations; when creating one, try to give the title in the native language (e.g. "ホームページ" instead of "Japanese")
  • Many of the pages on List of Commands do not exist yet.
  • Spruce up the layout of the wiki's Main Page? (see Discussion page)
  • Fix up the Summer Of Code page
    • Add a few more details about how to apply
    • Add more tips on how to have a successful project
    • Triage suggested projects by feasibility/difficulty

Various WineHQ Changes

  • Replace duplicated or abandoned static pages with redirects to the wiki (or simply delete from the WineHQ code if appropriate).
  • Add some text to the WineHQ Development page and consolidate the links further?
  • Add a short text explanation for our automated test-suite results.
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