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Outreachy is run by the Software Freedom Conservancy, and sponsored by several Free and Open Source (FOSS) projects and FOSS friendly companies, to encourage women and people traditionally underrepresented in tech to participate in FOSS. The project is similar to Google Summer of Code, however, an important difference between the two is that Outreachy encourages new participants to FOSS to get involved. Repeat internships are not allowed, and previous GSOC participants are not eligible.


Austin English
IRC Nick: austin987
Contact: austinenglish -at - gmail dot com

Potential Mentors:

Stefan Dösinger:
IRC Nick: stefand
Contact: stefandoesinger -at- gmx dot at

Aric Stewart
IRC Nick: aricstewart
Contact: aric -at- codeweavers dot com

Michael Stefaniuc
IRC Nick: puk
Contact: mstefani -at- redhat dot de


Please see here for application info. Interested students should introduce themselves by sending an email to wine-devel@winehq.org, with information about themselves and their project of interest. Introducing yourself and idling on #winehackers on Freenode is also highly encouraged. For help with using IRC, see here As with Google Summer of Code, applicants must have successfully a patch into wine to be considered. A patch in the area of code that your project would be in are best. For simple starter bugs, consider sending a stub for an unimplemented function that currently breaks an application. These are useful, but easy enough for a beginner to accomplish. Example bugs can be found here

For a list of projects, please see the Google Summer of Code page