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On WineHQ

If you're interested in recent or archived news about the Wine project, there are a few different sources on the website. You can read or subscribe to the WineHQ news RSS feed to keep up with new releases and major changes.

The Wine Weekly News (WWN) newsletter gives a better picture of Wine's day-to-day progress and what was happening in the community. You can put suggestions for articles in the recent news queue.

If you want more primary sources (pun intended), you can browse the Wine project source code or download various data such as AppDB and Bugzilla database dumps from the download site. A more quantified overview of Wine's development status will eventually be moved to the wiki, but can currently be found here.

Reviews & Articles

If you come across a current, well-written article on Wine, feel free to put a link (or citation if it isn't online) right here:

Other Mentions

As more and more people use Wine for Windows compatibility, you may find it discussed in other sources such as reference books. You can cite these mentions here, especially if they give a good explanation of a feature or how to use Wine:

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