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msiexec - Wine MSI Installer


msiexec command {required parameter} [optional parameter]...


msiexec is the Wine MSI installer, which is command line compatible with its Microsoft Windows counterpart.


/i {package|productcode} [property=foobar]

Install {package|productcode} with property=foobar.

/a {package|productcode} [property=foobar]

Install {package|productcode} in administrator (network) mode.

/x {package|productcode} [property=foobar]

Uninstall {package|productcode} with property=foobar.

/uninstall {package|productcode} [property=foobar]

Same as /x.


/f [p|o|e|d|c|a|u|m|s|v] {package|productcode}

Repair an installation. Default options are 'omus'
p    Reinstall the file if it is missing.
o Reinstall the file if it is missing or if any older version is installed.
e Reinstall the file if it is missing, or if the installed version is equal or older
d Reinstall the file if it is missing or a different version is installed.
c Reinstall the file if it is missing or the checksum does not match.
a Reinstall all files.
u Rewrite all required user registry entries.
m Rewrite all required machine registry entries.
s Overwrite any conflicting shortcuts.
v Recache the local installation package from the source installation package.


/p {patch} [property=foobar]

Apply patch. This should not be used with any of the above options.



These options allow changing the behavior of the UI when installing MSI packages.
/q    Show no UI.
/qn Same as /q.
/qb Show a basic UI.
/qr Shows a reduced user UI.
/qf Shows a full UI.


/l[*][i|w|e|a|r|u|c|m|o|p|v][+|!] {logfile}

Enable logging to logfile. Defaults are 'iwearmo'.
*    Enable all logging options except 'v' and 'x'.
i Log status messages.
w Log nonfatal warnings.
e Log all error messages.
a Log start of actions.
r Log action specific records.
u Log user requests.
c Log initial UI parameters.
m Log out of memory errors.
o Log out of diskspace messages.
p Log terminal properties.
v Verbose logging.
x Log extra debugging messages.
+ Append logging to existing file.
! Flush each line to log.


/h    Show help.

/j[u|m] {package|productcode} [/t transform] [/g languageid]

Advertise package optionally with /t transform and /g languageid.
/y    Register MSI service.
/z Unregister MSI service.
/? Same as /h.


Bugs can be reported on the Wine bug tracker


msiexec is part of the Wine distribution, which is available through WineHQ, the Wine development headquarters



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