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D3DX utility library

Relevant MSDN section, although unfortunately MSDN URLs tend to break over time.

A Brief Overview

The D3DX utility library is a legacy module containing a motley collection of high-level functions and interfaces that might be generally useful for graphics programming. A peculiar characteristic of D3DX is that it doesn't follow the common Win32 API pattern of maintaining backwards compatibility: there are multiple versions of e.g. d3dx9, each with a different filename and that differ in exported functionality or otherwise visible behavior. For reference, for d3dx9 that's d3dx9_24.dll to d3dx9_43.dll. Applications generally hardcode a specific D3DX library name, which means that they could potentially end up depending on quirks or caveats of the particular D3DX version in use.

In order to reduce source code duplication, the current implementation of d3dx9_xx DLLs in Wine uses the PARENTSRC build mechanism with all the code being stored in dlls/d3dx9_36/. That's currently (Wine 3.0) not the case for d3dx10 and d3dx11 DLLs, which still use the old forward mechanism. d3dx10_43 and d3dx11_43 are the DLLs with the implementation for d3dx10 and d3dx11 respectively.

As of 3.0, Wine's implementation of the d3dx9 API includes:

  • most math functions
  • ID3DXSprite interface
  • partial ID3DXFont interface (currently missing text drawing)
  • most surface and texture functions
  • some mesh functions
  • most of the effect framework

d3dx10 and d3dx11 are still stubs for the most part.

Also note that the shader assembler and compiler functions currently "forward" to d3dcompiler_43.dll, which is the "modern" API for these features.

Games for Testing

Here is a table of games that rely on d3dx9, along with which module they primarily (?) depend on:

Title d3dx9_??
Black & White 2 25
Universal Combat 25
Civilization IV 26
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey 2 27
Oblivion 27
Sid Meier's Railroads 28
Warlords Battlecry III 28
Settlers 2: The Next Generation 29
Caesar IV 29
Need for Speed Carbon 30
The Sims: Pet Stories (others too?) 30
Entropia Universe 30
Lego Star Wars II 30
EverQuest 30
Avencast: Rise of the Mage 30
Transformers 31
Touhou 10 31
Tabula Rasa 33
Lost Planet 33
Need For Speed: Pro Street 34
Lego Indiana Jones 35
Lego Island 35
Chessmaster 11 35
The Witcher 35
Medieval 2: Total War 36
Rainbow Six Vegas 36
Age of Empires III 36
Fable: The Lost Chapters 36
TrackMania Nations Forever 36
Europa Universalis Rome 36
Age of Conan 36
Overlord 36
Guitar Hero 3 36
PatchCon 36?
Resident Evil 4 36?
Flatout 2 36?
Battlefield 2 36?
Psychonauts 36?
Crysis 36?
Titan Quest 36?
IrrEdit 36?