Apps That Support Wine

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The following applications list Wine as a supported platform.

  • If you have a favorite application that works perfectly in Wine, you may wish to suggest that its developer lists Wine as a supported platform. If the developer hasn't (yet), don't add the application to this list; please add a test report to the AppDB instead.
  • If you are an open source, freeware or shareware developer, consider officially supporting Wine – if your app works perfectly in Wine it's almost certain to be trouble-free on all varieties of Windows. And you'll increase your market base.
Application AppDB Entry
1by1 3049
AceMoney 2248
Alchemy Mindworks Software Vendor entry:931
AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio 7879
Avid Metafuze 9256
clrmamepro 5692
Coccinella 5870
dBpoweramp Music Converter 1622
DNA Baser 9279
DVDFab 4356
Enterprise Architect 3964
Eureqa 10739
EVE Online 2249
FEMM 9233
NCH Fling 7166
Front Panel Designer 16956
GenoPro 8822
expected tech 5751
Imgburn 4625
Javelin 5256
JWPce 810
Lotus Europa Knowledgebase (Missing)
LTSpice 2000
Mappy Tile Map Editor 9281
MediaCoder 5313
Neat Image 1531
Neat Video (Missing)
PCEditor 3900
Perfect Dark 6674
Reaper 3336
RegexBuddy 5589
RosAsm 7569
SeiSee SEG-Y file viewer (Missing)
SIMION (Missing)
SIV (Missing)
Spotify 8514
TreePad 696
The House At Desert Bridge 9282
utorrent 6824
VMLAB 5452
WavePad 4276
WinTopo (Missing)
xmlspy 505
zero . nine nine seven 9474

Apps that used to be in the above list:

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