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Writing Tasks for Wine

In the long run, documentation and coordinating development can be just as important to a software project as coding. Even if you don't feel comfortable programming, there are still many places where Wine could use your help. Language skills are the primary need for maintaining the wiki, translating different portions of the project, and writing good documentation.

Understanding the actual code that makes up Wine should only be necessary if you want to help make documentation for developers, and editing the wiki just requires writing in (very simple) MediaWiki syntax. If you want to add to the Wine guides, some basic knowledge about SGML and understanding the patch submission process are all you need to start submitting changes.

If you understand several languages, translations are a high priority. While downloading the Wine source code and building it to test your translations is recommended, a simpler method does exist if you lack the time or resources for building Wine from source.

The following pages have more details about different improvements:

  • A quick introduction to improving Wine's Documentation (currently just a short redirect)
  • Information on how to [TranslateWineHQ|translate static pages] that make up the WineHQ site (also currently a redirect)
  • A guide to Translating the actual text and messages used in Wine itself
  • A to-do list for the Wine wiki

There are a few other pages you may find helpful or interesting: