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wineboot performs actions that would normally be done during startup and shutdown on a Windows system (eg. RunOnce and wininit.ini). For example, some installation process delays file operations until the computer is "restarted."

Additionally wineboot will automatically update the WINEPREFIX directory if wine.inf changes (eg as a result of upgrading to a new Wine release).

Note: Some applications use system calls to restart the computer. Under wine, they end up calling wineboot.


Usage: wineboot [options]
    -h,--help         Display this help message
    -e,--end-session  End the current session cleanly
    -f,--force        Force exit for processes that don't exit cleanly
    -i,--init         Perform initialization for first Wine instance
    -k,--kill         Kill running processes without any cleanup
    -r,--restart      Restart only, don't do normal startup operations
    -s,--shutdown     Shutdown only, don't reboot
    -u,--update       Update the wineprefix directory