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WineConf 2011

Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 1-2, 2011 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

WineConf 2010

Paris, France

November 20-21, 2010

Talks and slides:

  • Introduction round (no slides)
  • Stefan Doesinger on performance in 3d games
  • Vincent Povirk about .NET integration into Wine using Mono
  • Detlef Riekenberg on better Crash Error Reporting and submission
  • Joerg Hoehle on MCI
  • Dan Kegel standing in for a non-present audio developer
  • GPG signing


Marcus took pictures.

WineConf 2009

November 7-8, 2009

Enschede, Netherlands


News articles, blog posts, etc

WineConf 2008

September 27 - 28, 2008

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

  • Alexandre's keynote video

Group Photo



WineConf 2007

October 6-7, 2007

Zurich, Switzerland


  • Alexandre gave his yearly updated status report. slides | video
  • A Wine 1.0 discussion was held.
  • Kai Blin gave a report from the CIFS conference that was the week before. slides‎ | video
  • Martin Pilka (CodeWeavers) reported about CxTest - what happened since WineConf 2006, where are we today with this product and where do we want to be tomorrow. slides | Media:bisect_crossover.jpeg.| video
  • Detlef Riekenberg gave a presentation about printing. video
  • Maarten Lankhorst gave a talk about directsound. video
  • Stefan Dösinger gave a short talk about the current Direct3D state. video
  • Dan Kegel talked about what Google is doing with Wine, and introduced the win16test project. (see bug 9850)


Lei Zhang's pictures

Group photo

Wc2007 ann.jpg

WineConf 2006

September 16 - 17, 2006

Reading, UK

Nike Lecture Theatre, University of Reading

Proposed Presentations

  • Keynote, by Alexandre Julliard
  • Presentation by Stefan Dösinger on DirectX and Games support
  • Presentation by Dan Kegel on using Wine for an ISV
  • Future and past of COM by Rob Shearman
  • Presentation on git, by Mike McCormack
  • Presentation on cxtest by Martin Pilka

Picture Walk

WineConf 2005

April 30-May 1, 2005

Stuttgart, Germany

  • WWN page
  • Annotated Photo
  • Video downloads
    • 2005_04_30_10_12_39.avi Dimi - The road to Wine 1.0
    • 2005_04_30_11_13_44.avi Shachar - Introduction of PGP signing party (not Wine related)
    • 2005_04_30_11_22_59.avi Charles Stevenson
    • 2005_04_30_13_31_16.avi Juan
    • 2005_04_30_14_00_31.avi Andrew Tridgell Mostly discussion on Wine and Samba cooperation
    • 2005_04_30_16_31_39.avi Andrew Bartlett
    • 2005_05_01_08_52_15.avi ReactOS - Steven & Hyperion - Updates on ROS updates, and some demonstrations
    • 2005_05_01_09_52_29.avi Jason E. - Gaming state of the Union (Direct3D8/9, ...) plus some demonstrations
    • 2005_05_01_11_12_30.avi Mike M. & Aric - Reimplementing MSI
    • 2005_05_01_13_57_26.avi Marcus - x86 assembly basics
    • 2005_05_01_15_07_37.avi Paul & Jeremy W. - CxTest: automatic full-GUI regression tests
    • 2005_05_01_16_48_07.avi Dimi #2 - Future plans

WineConf 2004

January 30-February 1, 2004

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

WineConf 2002

March 15th-16th, 2002

San Diego, CA , USA



  • WINE Past, Present, and Future [Julliard]
  • Supporting Drag and Drop between Wine and non-Wine windows [Weigland]
  • How To Make Fonts Look Great In Wine [Davies]
  • Package steamlining of WINE [Meissner]
  • DirectX [Kaaven]
  • IActiveScript, or how jscript.dll was reimplemented using the Mozilla JScript engine, logs of glue, and a little bit of luck [Hatheway]
  • Beyond Trial And Error, Alternative Ways To Insure Quality Code [Stridvall]
  • A How-to For Regression Testing [Gouget]
  • Winedoc and Automated Verification [Paun]
  • Wine/Windows bootup handling and documentation/end user representation [Mohr]
  • Package steamlining of WINE [Meissner]


  • What Code we've been Weaving [Jeremy White/CodeWeavers]
  • Macadamian - Making It As A Software House [Boulanger]
  • An Unique Commercial Application for WINE [Cadlink Technologies/Hawkes]
  • Gaming and Beyond [Transgaming/State]
  • ReactOS - Where it's at, where it's going [ReactOS/Filby]
  • Corel, A Look Back [Xandros/Tranter]
  • And WINE [Robertson]

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