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== Date ==
== Date ==
June 29 - July 1 2018
June 29 July 1, 2018
== Venue ==
== Venue ==

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WineConf is the Wine Project's annual conference, where members of the Wine community, the broader Free Software community and interested users meet up over food and beverages. We traditionally also have a number of talks by attendees, as well as some formal and informal discussions about anything vaguely Wine related. This year, we will also be celebrating the Wine Project's 25th anniversary.


June 29 – July 1, 2018


Mercure Hotel Den Haag Central
Spui 180
2511 BW The Hague
The Netherlands
+31 70 2039002


We have a pool of rooms reserved at the rates below for WineConf attendees. Send an e-mail to hverbeet@codeweavers.com before May 1 2018, and we'll get you in contact with the hotel.

Rates are per room per night, including breakfast, and excluding local city tax of €3.40 per person per night.

Single occupancy Double occupancy
2 night stay €109 €124
3 night stay €105 €120


Conference attendance is free of charge. If you'd like to attend WineConf 2018, please RSVP and/or send an e-mail to hverbeet@codeweavers.com. Subscribe to wineconf@winehq.org to receive updates. For questions, send an e-mail to either of those, or join us in #winehackers on the Freenode IRC network.


By Plane:

The airport with the best connection to The Hague is Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS). A possible alternative is Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM). There's an approximately 30 minute direct train connection from "Schiphol Airport" to "Den Haag Centraal" (The Hague Central Station) for €8,50. It's about a 10 minute (approximately 1 km) walk from the train station to the hotel, but a taxicab or public transport are options as well.

By Train:

For attendees travelling from France, Belgium or Germany, the high-speed Thalys may be an option.

By Road:

The Hague is well connected by road, but please be aware that paid parking is in effect in practically the entire city centre.

Within The Hague:

The Hague has a decent public transport system, as well as plenty of taxicab providers.


Like large parts of Europe, the currency in use in The Netherlands is the Euro. There are ATMs close to the venue, and many stores accept common debit and/or credit cards.


The Hague has a temperate oceanic climate. Temperatures are usually fairly comfortable in late June, but it can be windy. Evenings in June can be slightly chilly.


The most common (domestic) power socket in the Netherlands is the CEE 7/3 socket. CEE 7/1 is occasionally also still used. Mains operate at 230 V and 50 Hz.

Travel sponsorship

The Wine Development Fund will sponsor WineConf attendance for contributors to Wine that would not otherwise be able to attend. Contact Jeremy White to request a sponsorship. If instead you'd like to make a donation to the Wine Development Fund, we'll gladly accept those as well.


The Hague has a decent number of opportunities for tourism; https://denhaag.com/en has some pointers.


This year Aric Stewart has volunteered to take a more active roll on scheduling talk and programme in advance. If you have a presentation you would like to make at this years WineConf please propose the talk either on the wineconf@winehq.org mailing list or by contacting Aric directly.

General Guidelines

  • Please provide an estimate of how long your talk will be. We are shooting for approximate 40 minute slots with between 15-20 minutes of talk and with likely an equal amount of question and discussion time afterward. Generally shorter talks are not an issue, however longer talks will need to be discussed and will be considered based on the rest of the schedule.
  • Topics should obviously be of interest to the other attendees, i.e., the broader Wine community, but note that that doesn't imply the talk has to be about Wine itself.
  • If you have a preferred time and date for your talk please indicate that to me when you submit your talk. We will try to make it work as best we can.

In case of sufficient interest there will likely be a Friday afternoon programme, so it may be worth planning to arrive Friday morning rather than Friday evening.

Breakfast at the hotel is open from 7:00 until 12:00, and we have the conference room from 9:00 until 17:00.

Friday June 29

  • TBD

Here are the rough proposed slots, They will be changed and modified as required by the addenda as it gets fleshed out. Understand that even with this shift toward a scheduled day we will not disrupt productive conversation to fit to the schedule. The schedule will warp and flow as required to facilitate the talk, not force the talks to conform to it. This does mean if you are planing to try to attend a given talk you will likely want to arrive a bit early and understand if when you arrive the schedule is either behind or ahead of plan.

Time Slot Saturday June 30 Sunday July 1
09:00 - 09:40 Keynote - Alexandre Julliard Keynote - Bradley Kuhn
09:45 - 10:25 CodeWeavers Company Update - Jeremy White Wine Vulkan Architecture - Roderick Colenbrander
10:30 - 11:00 break break
11:00 - 11:40 State and future of Wine-Staging - Zebediah Figura Winetest infrastructure discussion - Jeremy White
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch & group picture Lunch
13:00 - 13:40 The Electronic Design Automation Market - Jeff Hanson Introduction to Wine Direct3D architecture - Henri Verbeet
13:45 - 14:25 An Update on ARM Emulation - Stefan Dösinger and André Hentschel < Slot 5 - open >
14:30 - 15:00 break break
15:00 - 15:40 < Slot 6 - open > < Slot 6 - open >
15:45 - 16:25 < Slot 7 - open > < Slot 7 - open >
16:25 - 17:00 Overflow time / small group discussion / short presentations WineConf 2019 discussion

Saturday June 30

  • 18:00 Saturday evening barbecue.

Saturday evening barbecue

The Saturday evening barbecue will be provided by

Poppies & Pastries
Rijswijkseweg 656
2516 HX The Hague
The Netherlands

If there are any dietary requirements or preferences we should be aware of, please e-mail hverbeet@codeweavers.com, or leave a comment on the RSVP form, and we'll do our best to accommodate those.


  1. Alexandre Julliard
  2. Henri Verbeet
  3. Stefan Dösinger
  4. Józef Kucia
  5. Andrew Eikum
  6. Michael Stefaniuc
  7. Matteo Bruni
  8. Huw Davies
  9. François Gouget
  10. Austin English
  11. Josh DuBois (possible, as I am able)
  12. Rosanne DiMesio
  13. Robert Walker
  14. Jeremy White
  15. Piotr Caban
  16. Jacek Caban
  17. Ulrich Czekalla
  18. Daniel Lehman
  19. André Hentschel
  20. Aric Stewart
  21. Sergio Andrés Gómez Del Real
  22. Hana Pagel
  23. Zebediah Figura
  24. Owen Rudge
  25. Mandi Gagne
  26. Hans Leidekker
  27. Julius Schwartzenberg
  28. Jeremy Newman
  29. Fabian Maurer
  30. Jactry Zeng
  31. Katie Grace
  32. Nikolay Sivov
  33. Anna Lasky
  34. Linards Liepiņš
  35. Alex Henrie
  36. Akihiro Sagawa
  37. Detlef Riekenberg
  38. Marcus Meissner
  39. Jens Reyer
  40. Aaryaman Vasishta
  41. Jeff Hanson
  42. Gijs Vermeulen