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October 28th and 29th, 2017


Hotel Sofitel Wroclaw Old Town

ul. Sw. Mikolaja 67

50-127 Wrocław


Phone: +48 713588300

Hotel reservation

We have a pool of rooms at fixed price 325 PLN/night (around 77 EUR/night) reserved for WineConf attendees. To make a reservation, please fill the form and e-mail it to the hotel (you can change the arrival/departure dates).

Getting there

By Plane:

The nearest airport is Wrocław Airport (WRO).

From the airport, you have two choices to get to the hotel. A taxi cab will cost you about 50 PLN (~15 EUR) for the trip (see air port page for details). The 106 bus line will get you to the hotel in about 45 minutes. Exit the bus at Orląt Lwowskich bus stop and take ~10 minutes walk to the hotel. You can also use Uber.

By Train:

The train station nearest to the hotel is Wrocław Główny railway station. It's around 25 minutes away by foot from the hotel. There's lots of options of getting from there by tram. The easiest is to take tram no 15 and go to Rynek stop.

By Car:

The city centre is quite crowded. It may be hard to find a parking place there (it's free to park near town square on weekends and after 6 PM). Parking at the hotel should be possible but is expensive.If you wish to avoid parking fees let us know, it should be possible to find a place free to park nearby.

It's easiest to buy the tickets for public transportation in bus/tram. There's a machine that sells them in every vehicle. It's only possible to pay by credit/debit card. If you prefer to pay by cash you should buy the ticket in e.g. newspaper shop. The best page to find public transportation routes is (Google Maps also may be used, but it's known to miss some connections).

It's also possible to pay by card in most taxis (but you have to confirm it with the driver).