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We welcome everyone, old and new contributors alike, to contribute new patches to Wine-Staging. Our primary goal is to offer a place for large, incomplete, or risky patchsets to be tested and maintained until they are ready for inclusion into upstream Wine. For new developers, we also try to provide a more helpful and less demanding environment to get acquainted with the Wine project.


Our standards are less strict than upstream Wine, but we do still have some requirements:

  • The patch must be a step in the right direction; that is, we don't allow patches that are gross hacks, or take an obviously wrong approach to solving a problem. The end goal is always to submit the patch upstream eventually, so work should progress in that direction.
  • The patch must have a bug attached. We place great value on traceability, so we require all patches to have an associated WineHQ bug (exceptions may be granted under special circumstances). We also strongly encourage all discussion to take place on the relevant bug.
  • Like upstream Wine, a patch must have correct attribution. If you did not write a patch, you must make this clear (ideally using the From: line in the patch itself).
  • Unlike upstream Wine, we do not require sign-offs. We take sign-offs to mean the same thing as they do for upstream Wine: that you consider your code to be good enough to go into upstream Wine and to meet all of the legal and technical requirements thereof; accordingly a sign-off is not necessary for Staging patches, which do not need to meet these requirements. However, if you do provide a sign-off, be aware that your sign-off may be preserved by someone else who submits the patch upstream.
  • Like upstream Wine, we do not take contributions from anyone who has disassembled or reverse-engineered Microsoft code, or seen sources (whether leaked or publicly available).

Submitting new patches

We prefer new patches to be submitted using WineHQ Bugzilla. If you have a patch (or patch set) which fixes a bug and you'd like it to be included in staging, please attach it to the bug as a patch against Wine (rather than against the Wine-Staging tree itself). Instructions for how to create patches against Wine can be found at Submitting Patches. If you have several patches, please compress them into a single tarball or zip instead of attaching each one individually. Then, CC or e-mail Alistair Leslie-Hughes (leslie_alistair AT SPAMFREE hotmail DOT com) and Zebediah Figura (z DOT figura 12 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com) on the bug asking for acceptance into Staging. Please be explicit and provide details about the patch if you can, and tell us why you are submitting the patch into Staging rather than upstream Wine. If accepted, we will add your patch into the Staging tree, creating the definition files and updating the install script as necessary.