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There are many ways how you can help us making Wine Staging better. The most obvious one is to write Wine patches but there are many more ways to contribute.

Writing patches

In case you want to contribute by writing patches, you first should make sure that you are able to compile Wine with the existing Wine Staging patches. The easiest way to accomplish this is to follow the Wine-Staging Packaging guidelines as they contain a description on how to apply the patches (using our Makefile based system). In order to make writing patches easier you should use the current git version of Wine Staging and Wine instead of the tar archives. Make also sure that you have all necessary dependencies installed, you can find some [[WineOn64bit|tips] in the Wine Wiki when using a 64 bit system.

If everything works well, you can start writing your patches against the current git version of Wine and send them to us. Take a look a our Wine-Staging Development page for what kind of patches we accept and how to submit them.

In case you have trouble following the steps or if you are new to Wine development, you can also join our IRC channel #wine-staging on FreeNode and ask for help.


We already support a large number of distributions and provide new builds every two weeks, but we can not support every single distribution. If you are using an unsupported one and you know how to create packages, feel free to do so by following the instructions in our Wine-Staging Packaging guidelines. We may also add a description on how to use your packages in our Installation instructions, if you tell us about them. Just open a bug report or contact us on IRC.


The idea behind Wine Staging is to add experimental functions and bug fixes. In order to make sure that we do not introduce any new bugs or failed to fix existing ones, we need people to test Wine Staging. We try to test as much stuff as possible on our own, but some bugs occur in proprietary software which we do not own. You should therefore try as much software as possible with Wine Staging or alternative directly ask directly on #wine-staging on FreeNode if there is something which needs testing.