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This page contains ideas for fixes and improvements to the design and structure of WineHQ. This includes all of the sub-sites such as Bugzilla and the wiki.

Tango-style info icon.svg For a list of actual writing tasks, see Web Content Tasks.

Across All Sites

  • Ensure compliance to the latest (x)html spec.
  • Single sign-on. This has been proposed in one form or another several times.
    • One approach could be to move AppDB onto OpenID (Mediawiki, Bugzilla, and phpBB all have at least rudimentary support).
  • Migrate over to a CMS or web-framework?
    • Our web-services appear to be primarily PHP, with a good chunk of Perl mixed in (Bugzilla / the web-tools)
    • A CMS like Drupal might be too limited for us
    • Symfony or Laravel both look like promising candidates for a framework

WineHQ Itself

  • Some sort of picture would look snazzy in the upper right of the About page

Test and Status Pages

  • We dropped all of the old manually updated status reports, but it would be pretty cool (and helpful) if we could have more automated ones
    • Examples we already have are API stats and translation progress
    • Could we sick one or two of the Wine TestBot VMs, or do a rotation between distro images, to report build errors?
    • Maybe another one could rotate through Static Analysis tools and our own scripts to check Code Hygiene?
    • The existing Conformance Tests provide one good measure of runtime errors
    • We could also mine Bugzilla and use open bugs as a second estimate of logic errors
    • Use a scripted version of git shortlog by DLL to report current workers? (could be useful for new developers wondering who to contact about specific features)
  • We could bring it all together into a fancy report page
    • Highlight the DLLs with the most failed/missing tests and bugs as priority DLLs?
    • We could possibly use an existing library for graphs & such (like D3.js?)

Wine Wiki

Tango-style info icon.svg Our official policy is to not accept patches to upstream code like MediaWiki. If you're interested in making changes that touch code from MediaWiki proper, you can still help us (and many others) out by contributing them upstream. Improvements to any templates or code we overlay ourselves are always welcome though.

AppDB Improvements

UI and Appearance

  • AJAX-ify the AppDB to improve performance and give a smoother experience.
    • A more dynamic UI might be nice (collapsible navigation bars for instance).
    • Allow for displaying program icons next to programs in lists and search results?
  • A customizable stats box on the main page that displays various database facts.
  • Create a script to refresh the image montage on the front page.
  • Make the rejection system friendlier?
    • Store reviewers' comments on what needs improvement in a draft thread?
    • Use softer words than "rejected" for instance

Update Questionnaire?

  • Determine the rating rigorously from questionnaire?
Question Answer Restriction
Was the test/install done on a clean wine prefix? No Gold at best
Does app need native dlls, registry changes, or other tweaks for all features to work? Yes Gold at best
Were all features of the program tested and found to work? No Silver at best
Does the application start? No Garbage
Did you use any Third Party Applications? Yes Reject test report
  • If ratings are going to be calculated automatically based on questions (which is a good idea), it would probably be better to scrap the "medal" system altogether and use a 10-point scale instead (1=can't be installed; 10=installs and runs perfectly out of the box).
  • Other useful questions
    • How did you install Wine? (distro package / winehq package / source / git)

Backend Stuff

  • Allow for more cross-referencing.
    • This could possibly eliminate a lot of effort-duplication
    • Might also help users find relevant info stored with entries for another app and help users find info that.
  • Support accessing application entries with short URLs.
  • Add a page for browsing regressions.
  • Replace application url field with a list of label/url pairs.
  • Add some more queue states (such as 'pending' and 'deleted').

Admin & Email Features

  • Create a user information page for admins
  • Allow for more flexible administration and management of pages?
  • Make improvements to the email notification system
    • Create a mail-list for all public email notifications?
    • Validate email addresses before accepting them (possibly require confirmation too?)
    • Ability to email users selectively (e.g. based on keyword or subscription to new application submissions)


Tango-style info icon.svg Our official policy is to not accept patches to upstream code like Bugzilla; you can still help us (and other Bugzilla users) if you try introducing your improvements upstream. Improvements to any templates or code we overlay ourselves (like in template/ for instance) are always welcome though..

  • A good place to start is by fixing some of the open bugs for Bugzilla.
  • Open up more to allow for more thorough triage?
  • Some improvements to the interface?
    • I think Bugzilla has provided ajax capabilities for a while; we may just need to tweak our templates and config to use them.


Tango-style info icon.svg Our official policy is to not accept patches to upstream code like phpBB. If you contribute those improvements upstream though, they should work their way to us when we update. Improvements to any templates or code we overlay ourselves are always welcome though.

  • Enable some kind of bot to crawl for useful info? (ambitious perhaps)
    • Store it in structured form?