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This page contains a list of suggested content updates for the various parts of WineHQ, including this wiki.

Useful Tools for Editing the Wiki

If you are new to working with a wiki, or a MediaWiki wiki in particular, you may want to browse through https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Contents.

Porting the Wiki

Notes for people interested in or working on porting pages from the old (MoinMoin) wiki to this one.

Differences between MoinMoin and MediaWiki

  • MediaWiki does not automatically create links from CamelCase.
  • MediWiki displays the page title as a level 1 heading one each page.
    • Because of those two differences, pages should not be given names in CamelCase, and when porting old pages. CamelCase names should be separated out and a redirect page created for the CamelCase name. URLS are now case insensitive due to the SaneCase extension being installed. Redirects are automatic for case variations of page names. If you have _ in the URL, you still may want to create redirects for non underscore versions of the URL.

Pages in the old wiki that might be worth porting, but need updating

Note: if you are thinking of porting these, please consider whether you will be willing or able to maintain the page in the future. It does little good to port pages that will soon be out of date.

Wiki To-Do

  • Add translations; when creating one, try to give the title in the native language (e.g. "ホームページ" instead of "Japanese")
  • Many of the pages on List of Commands do not exist yet.
  • Spruce up the layout of the wiki's Main Page? (see Discussion page)
  • Fix up the Summer Of Code page
    • Add a few more details about how to apply
    • Add more tips on how to have a successful project
    • Triage suggested projects by feasibility/difficulty

Various WineHQ Changes

  • Replace duplicated or abandoned static pages with redirects to the wiki (or simply delete from the WineHQ code if appropriate).
  • Add some text to the WineHQ Development page and consolidate the links further?
  • Add a short text explanation for our automated test-suite results.