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= Howdy =
== Old Contributor ==
My name's Kyle and I've been an on-again, off-again contributor to Wine for a few years now. I mostly stick to working on documentation and the wiki; I've always been more of a writer that happens to program occasionally. I have been known to randomly branch out into bug-hunting, testing, and web-design though. Maybe I'll get around to sending in a patch to Wine proper one of these days (I'm looking at you, ''msxml3'').
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== Contact Info ==
* '''Email:''' kyle -dot- auble -at- (no really, humans only) zoho -dot- com
== To-Do List ==
I have a lot of things to juggle in life right now so wine isn't getting much of my time, but if the mood strikes me, I might work on these in the future:
'''Short term'''
* <s>Help migrate and cleanup some pages from the old wiki</s>
* Finish salvaging ideas from [[Winezeug]]
* Check in from time-to-time on the state of wine's packaging for Debian
** (Bonus points) Make some of Wine's build and run dependencies [[Multiarch]] compliant
'''Medium term'''
* Simplify / improve the build process for Wine some
** (First step) Test whether precompiled headers are a worthwhile addition
* Proof of concept for WineHQ on a web-framework
** Try using Symfony? Laravel? (Both sound promising and the bulk of WineHQ is already PHP-based)
** (Big payoff?) Have an automated metrics page that draws links between all parts of the project
* A little [[Bug Triage]]?
'''Long term'''
* Test some old programs of mine and submit patches for the relevant DLLs
** msxml3
** d3dx9_36
** I've had weird problems with "wav" and "midi" sounds fighting in a couple programs (???)
** (Ambitious) Installer troubles (DCOM? gulp)

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Old Contributor

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