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Wine and the Google Summer of Code

This page collects some tips for students who want to work on Wine during the Summer of Code, and provides a few ideas for projects.

To apply, go to the Google Summer of Code home page.

Important notes!

  • Applicants MUST have submitted a patch or testcase to wine-devel (see Submitting Patches) to be considered for acceptance.
  • Please first send a draft proposal and discuss it with us, don't send the final one directly.
  • We cannot accept ReactOS proposals, so please only make proposals that will benefit Wine.

To apply, go to the Google Summer of Code home page.

Beware of Legal Requirements

You must state that you will follow these minimal legal requirements during the SoC (and have done so in the past):

  • You are not allowed to read or reuse Windows source code (leaked source / Windows Research Kernel* / ...)

(* we are following the SFLC's advice)

  • You are not allowed to reverse engineer Windows files by disassembling or decompiling them
  • You are not allowed to analyze Windows files with the trace functions of Wine
  • People who work or have worked for Microsoft should probably not participate

Other Outreach Programs

In addition to Google Summer of Code Wine also participates in:

  • Outreachy is a program similar to GSoC organized by the Software Freedom Conservancy. The goal of Outreachy is to provide encouragement, experience, and networking opportunities for minorities that are underrepresented in tech. Unlike GSoC, it is not limited to students; you can read the Wine Wiki's Outreachy page for more information.
  • Google Code-In is aimed at pre-university students and doesn't require any previous coding experience. As a result, the tasks for Code-In participants are more focused, smaller, and have a gentler learning curve. Some aren't even programming tasks but related to other aspects of an open-source project, such as market research, user-support, or documentation. For more details, see the Wine Wiki's Code-In page.


Your own idea

Possible mentors: We'll provide you with the appropriate mentor

  • If you have an idea, please post it on Wine Developers mailing list so we can help you with your idea and find out if it's realistic or not. Showing initiative and willing to discuss your idea greatly improves your chances of getting accepted. Even more so than taking one of the ideas below.
  • As long as you work hard and interact with the community and your mentor in a positive and constructive way you don't have to worry about not meeting all your goals.