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Wine Stable's mantra is to not break currently running applications.
Regressions are a priority to fix and new regressions should not be added.
Thus a patch that fixes ten applications but breaks one application is a bad patch for Stable.

Scope of this Page

These rules are valid for:

* Wine stable versions 1.8.x
* Stable maintainer: Michael Stefaniuc MailTo(mstefani AT SPAMFREE winehq DOT org)

Acceptable Patches for Wine Stable

Rules for patches going into Wine Stable:

* It must be first accepted in the Development version (in exceptional cases it can come via Staging).
* It must be tested (in 1-2 released Development or Staging versions).
* It should be small.
* It must fix a real bug in a real application.
* Stubs must get an application to run (not to just crash later) and need a longer testing period in the wild.
* It must fix a build issue, especially on distributions using Wine Stable.
* Translation updates are in scope too.

Submitting Patches for Wine Stable

To mark a patch for inclusion into Stable you can choose between the following methods:

* Set the "Target Milestone" to 1.8.x for a bug in bugzilla.
* Or send the Stable maintainer an email with a list of commit IDs to cherry pick.
* Add a comment (FIXME: Should we formalize a tag for that??) to the patch when submitting it to wine-patches.

Accepted / Queued Patches

A list of accepted and queued patches for Wine Stable can be found on


Accepted patches that will be in the next wine-1.8.x
Queued patches for stable
Warning: This branch is always rebased on top of stable

Additional information is kept with git notes in stable-notes. Github doesn't shows any notes so those need to be accessed via git:

git pull <stable-remote> refs/notes/stable-notes
export GIT_NOTES_REF=refs/notes/stable-notes
git log
git show