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  • * winemaker can read existing project files. It supports dsp, dsw, vcproj and sln files. $ winemaker --lower-all myproject.dsp
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  • Win32 API calls when building your application: if you have a VC++ <tt>.dsp</tt> file, check it for all the <tt>.lib</tt> files it imports, and add the Winemaker supports the Visual C++ project files! Supported filetypes are <tt>.dsp</tt>, <tt>.dsw</tt>, <tt>.vcproj</tt> and <tt>.sln</tt>. It detects the def
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  • ...e using the OSS audio driver and you have multiple devices, (i.e. <tt>/dev/dsp*</tt>, <tt>/dev/mixer*</tt>) you can specify which one you want to use with
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