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The source code for Wine, all Wine websites, and supplementary web tools can be found online. You can explore the project's main source tree at [1], although the code for this wiki is currently located at ?.

If you want to explore the source tree for different versions of Wine, you can visit the Wine cross-reference. You can also browse the archive of Wine's old CVS repository, which is currently still used by the cross-reference for older versions of Wine. The CVS archive is not active and cannot be used to download Wine. If you have links to the old CVS browser from you own website, you'll want to change them to target the newer cross-reference or one of the specific versions listed there.

If you are interested in downloading the Wine source code, you can clone portions of the source tree to your computer with Git. There is a tutorial on how to use Git with the Wine program source, but any one of the repositories on the main source tree can be cloned with the command

git clone git://source.winehq.org/git/repository destination

The specific repositories are:

appdb.git Code for the AppDB site and database
bugzilla.git Code for Wine's bugzilla site and database
docs.git The SGML source for the Wine guides
fontforge.git A custom version of the FontForge editor for Wine fonts
tools.git The various webtools used to maintain parts of the Wine site
website.git The WineHQ website code
wine.git The source for the actual Wine program

Alternative Repos

There are actually several other repositories for Wine scattered around the internet, and in some situations, these alternative repos can be very useful. However, if you want to submit patches to the official upstream version of Wine, remember you must go through the mailing list (as described in Submitting Patches).

  • (Via FTP) You can find (bzip compressed) copies of all Wine releases, either as complete code or incremental diffs, in the source folder of WineHQ's FTP site.
  • (ibiblio.org) Starting with v1.7, there are also source tarballs of Wine releases at ibiblio.org.
  • (Great for RegressionTesting) There are .deb packages (originally built by the Ubuntu Wine Team) of many releases going back to at least v1.2 at Wine's budgetdedicated archive.
  • (Github Fans) The WineHQ git repo also has an official mirror on Github.
  • (Downstream in ["Ubuntu"]) ScottRitchie maintains a Wine page at Launchpad.net in order to keep downstream activity (geared towards Ubuntu) in-sync with upstream activity in Wine. Note: This location actually seems oriented more towards bug-triage, user support, etc.
  • (Sundry Forks and Hacks) JanZerebecki maintains an up-to-date mirror of Wine at repo.or.cz, along with several branches that developers have created over the years to test ideas.
  • (For Bazaar People) ScottRitchie also has a second up-to-date Wine branch at Launchpad.net. This branch is automatically converted to Bazaar and appears to be oriented more towards developers than the other Launchpad repo.
  • (Good Ol' Sourceforge) There is also a branch of Wine on Sourceforge.net, with bzip-compressed copies of source code for all releases. There are also packages for different distros (at least the ["Slackware"] ones look up-to-date), but the git mirror and many of the other folders appear to have been abandoned.

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