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Organization of the Wine Project

There's one committer, AlexandreJulliard. Alexandre took over development in 1994 and he is the Dictator-in-chief of applying patches (averaging around 40 a day). So far there's been no real drama or dispute over this. To get code past his good eyes and into Wine you should know about the Julliard Rank.

The development is kept up by volunteers and companies (mostly Codeweavers).

Wine is a member project of the Software Freedom Conservancy which provides a non-commercial home and infrastructure for Wine. They provide a lot of advice, including some legal advice and some legal protection to their member projects: .


CodeWeavers is the principle corporate sponsor of Wine, employing a bunch of developers as well as Alexandre. Between the 1.0 and 1.2 release cycles, approximately 2/3 of patches were from CodeWeavers staff, either on or off company time. CodeWeavers also helps sponsor WineConf, along with the Wine Developer Fund. While CodeWeavers main commercial interest in Wine is its use in the Crossover product, they take their responsibility for being a good open source citizen very seriously and even encourage enhancements to Wine that compete with Crossover.

Other Free Software Projects

Wine has a lot of dependencies on other pieces of free software. These include things like sound and graphics libraries that Wine needs to run applications. In some cases, Wine is the principle reason for certain technologies or standards being developed. Wine is in turn a component of other projects, such as Linux distributions that include Wine so that users can run Windows applications.

Wine is also part of a greater open source community composed of many projects. Wine needs to work on many platforms, including different desktop environments and operating systems. Consequently, Wine has historically played a role in helping define or encourage the adoption of certain standards.

Other Companies

CodeWeavers isn't the only company with an interest in Wine.

TODO: Summer Of Code, VMware, other corporate friends.

Press Contacts and Spokesman

If you are writing an article or something similar, you can send an email to This will get forwarded to several active Wine developers in different time zones, who may be able to respond to you more immediately if you're on a deadline.