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Summer of Code 2017

The following project was accepted by GSoC 2017:

Summer of Code 2016

The following projects were accepted by GSoC 2016:

Summer of Code 2015

The following projects were accepted by GSoC 2015:

Summer of Code 2014

The following projects were accepted by GSoC 2014:

Summer of Code 2013

The following projects were accepted by GSoC 2013:

Summer of Code 2012

The following projects were accepted by GSoC 2012:

Summer of Code 2011

The following projects were accepted by GSoC 2011:

Summer of Code 2010

The following four projects were accepted by GSoC 2010:

Summer of Code 2009

The following projects were accepted for GSoC 2009:

Summer of Code 2008

For 2008, six Wine proposals were accepted:

  • "Improving Wine MSXML implementation" by [:PiotrCaban:Piotr Caban], mentored by [:JamesHawkins:James Hawkins]
  • "Print Dialog" by Gal Topper, mentored by [:DetlefRiekenberg:Detlef Riekenberg]
  • "Implementing proper Control Panel support for Wine" by [:OwenRudge:Owen Rudge], mentored by [:JuanLang:Juan Lang]
  • "DirectPlay implementation" by [:IsmaelBarros:Ismael Barros Barros], mentored by [:KaiBlin:Kai Blin]
  • "Wine - Richedit with Tables" by [:DylanSmith:Dylan Andrew Harper Smith], mentored by Huw D M Davies
  • "Improve Gdi+ Implementation" by [:AdamPetaccia:Adam Joel Petaccia], mentored by [:LeiZhang:Lei Zhang] (in progress)

Summer of Code 2007

Google accepted ten Wine proposals in 2007:

  • "Improve sound in wine" by [:MaartenLankhorst:Maarten Lankhorst], mentored by[:MarcusMeissner:Marcus Meissner]
  • "Improve Wine's rich edit implementation" by Matthew Finnicum, mentored by [:UlrichCzekalla:Ulrich Czekalla]
  • "The DIB Engine" by Jessie Laine Allen, mentored by Huw D M Davies
  • "Implementing mscoree.dll and Mono-WINE bridge" by [:BryanDeGrendel:Bryan DeGrendel], mentored by [:JamesHawkins:James Hawkins]
  • "Tablet PC support in Wine" by [:JohnKlehm:Carl John Klehm], mentored by [:DanKegel:Daniel Richard Kegel]
  • "Beginning of !Direct3D10 implementation" by András Kovács, mentored by [:StefanDösinger:Stefan Dösinger]
  • "Improve Wine's built-in text editors" by Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes, mentored by [:EricPouech: Eric Pouech]
  • "Windows Printing subsystem bridge (i.e. use WIN32 drivers to print from wine)" by Marcel Partap, mentored by [:DetlefRiekenberg:Detlef Riekenberg]
  • "CHM compiler" by Miikka Viljanen, mentored by [:JacekCaban: Jacek Caban]

Successful 2007 final project submissions

Summer of Code 2006

Google funded seven Wine proposals in 2006:

  • add OleView, by [:PiotrCaban: Piotr Caban], mentored by [:JamesHawkins: James Hawkins]
  • improve RichEd20, by [:MatthewFinnicum: Matthew Finnicum], mentored by [:MikeHearn: Mike Hearn]
  • add ClamAntiVirusIntegration, by [:ChristophProbst: Christoph Probst], mentored by [:MarcusMeissner: Marcus Meissner]
  • improve MsWsock, by [:ŁukaszChróst: Łukas Chróst], mentored by [:EricPouech: Eric Pouech]
  • add ShellIntegration, by [:MikołajZalewski: Mikołai Zalewski], mentored by [:UlrichCzekalla: Ulrich Czekalla]
  • add NtlmSigningAndSealing using GENSEC, by [:KaiBlin: Kai Blin], mentored by [:JuanLang: Juan Lang]
  • add Mp3SupportInDirectShow, by [:SagarMittal: Sagar Mittal], mentored by [:RobShearman: Rob Sherman]

Summer of Code 2005

In 2005, four Summer of Code proposals related to Wine were successful:

  • MozillaIntegration: [:JacekCaban: Jacek Caban] (see MozillaIntegrationSummerOfCode2005Summary)
  • ThemingSupport: [:FrankRichter: Frank Richter] (see ThemingSupportSummerOfCode2005Summary)
  • SingleSignOn: [:KaiBlin: Kai Blin] (see SingleSignOnSummerOfCode2005Summary)
  • ForceFeedback: [:DanielRemenak: Daniel Remenak] (see ForceFeedbackSummerOfCode2005Summary)

Jacek's project was so successful he now has a job enhancing Wine.