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Summer of Code 2014

Summer of Code 2013

Summer of Code 2012

Summer of Code 2011

The following projects were accepted by GSoC 2011. See also the Wine page on the GSoC 2011 website

Summer of Code 2010

The following four projects were accepted by GSoC 2010. See also the Wine page on the GSoC 2010 website.

Summer of Code 2009

The following projects were accepted for GSoC 2009:

Summer of Code 2008

For 2008, six Wine proposals were accepted:

  • "Improving Wine MSXML implementation" by [:PiotrCaban:Piotr Caban], mentored by [:JamesHawkins:James Hawkins]
  • "Print Dialog" by Gal Topper, mentored by [:DetlefRiekenberg:Detlef Riekenberg]
  • "Implementing proper Control Panel support for Wine" by [:OwenRudge:Owen Rudge], mentored by [:JuanLang:Juan Lang]
  • "DirectPlay implementation" by [:IsmaelBarros:Ismael Barros Barros], mentored by [:KaiBlin:Kai Blin]
  • "Wine - Richedit with Tables" by [:DylanSmith:Dylan Andrew Harper Smith], mentored by Huw D M Davies
  • "Improve Gdi+ Implementation" by [:AdamPetaccia:Adam Joel Petaccia], mentored by [:LeiZhang:Lei Zhang] (in progress)

2008 Wine SoC project abstracts

Summer of Code 2007

Google accepted ten Wine proposals in 2007:

  • "Improve sound in wine" by [:MaartenLankhorst:Maarten Lankhorst], mentored by[:MarcusMeissner:Marcus Meissner]
  • "Improve Wine's rich edit implementation" by Matthew Finnicum, mentored by [:UlrichCzekalla:Ulrich Czekalla]
  • "The DIB Engine" by Jessie Laine Allen, mentored by Huw D M Davies
  • "Implementing mscoree.dll and Mono-WINE bridge" by [:BryanDeGrendel:Bryan DeGrendel], mentored by [:JamesHawkins:James Hawkins]
  • "Tablet PC support in Wine" by [:JohnKlehm:Carl John Klehm], mentored by [:DanKegel:Daniel Richard Kegel]
  • "Beginning of !Direct3D10 implementation" by András Kovács, mentored by [:StefanDösinger:Stefan Dösinger]
  • "Improve Wine's built-in text editors" by Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes, mentored by [:EricPouech: Eric Pouech]
  • "Windows Printing subsystem bridge (i.e. use WIN32 drivers to print from wine)" by Marcel Partap, mentored by [:DetlefRiekenberg:Detlef Riekenberg]
  • "CHM compiler" by Miikka Viljanen, mentored by [:JacekCaban: Jacek Caban]

2007 Wine SoC project abstracts

Successful 2007 final project submissions

Summer of Code 2006

Google funded seven Wine proposals in 2006:

  • add OleView, by [:PiotrCaban: Piotr Caban], mentored by [:JamesHawkins: James Hawkins]
  • improve RichEd20, by [:MatthewFinnicum: Matthew Finnicum], mentored by [:MikeHearn: Mike Hearn]
  • add ClamAntiVirusIntegration, by [:ChristophProbst: Christoph Probst], mentored by [:MarcusMeissner: Marcus Meissner]
  • improve MsWsock, by [:ŁukaszChróst: Łukas Chróst], mentored by [:EricPouech: Eric Pouech]
  • add ShellIntegration, by [:MikołajZalewski: Mikołai Zalewski], mentored by [:UlrichCzekalla: Ulrich Czekalla]
  • add NtlmSigningAndSealing using GENSEC, by [:KaiBlin: Kai Blin], mentored by [:JuanLang: Juan Lang]
  • add Mp3SupportInDirectShow, by [:SagarMittal: Sagar Mittal], mentored by [:RobShearman: Rob Sherman]

Summer of Code 2005

In 2005, four Summer of Code proposals related to Wine were successful:

  • MozillaIntegration: [:JacekCaban: Jacek Caban] (see MozillaIntegrationSummerOfCode2005Summary)
  • ThemingSupport: [:FrankRichter: Frank Richter] (see ThemingSupportSummerOfCode2005Summary)
  • SingleSignOn: [:KaiBlin: Kai Blin] (see SingleSignOnSummerOfCode2005Summary)
  • ForceFeedback: [:DanielRemenak: Daniel Remenak] (see ForceFeedbackSummerOfCode2005Summary)

Jacek's project was so successful he now has a job enhancing Wine.