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Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan (OSPP) is jointly organized by Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) and openEuler community. OSPP Summer is very similar to Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and Outreachy.

OSPP opens to all projects with OSI-approved licenses, and worldwide students. When students finish their projects, both students and mentors will be paid. OSPP committee will process international wire transfers if needed.

Differences With GSoC

  • OSPP is providing three different levels, with different awards. That might make it easier to find projects/students. If an idea is interesting but too easy for GSoC, it might be suitable for OSPP summer with medium/low difficulty.


Your own idea

Possible mentors: We'll provide you with the appropriate mentor

  • If you have an idea, please post it on Wine Developers mailing list so we can help you with your idea. Showing initiative and willing to discuss your idea greatly improves your chances of getting accepted.
  • As long as you work hard and interact with the community and your mentor in a positive and constructive way you don't have to worry about not meeting all your goals.
  • Don't be afraid that you don't have a perfect idea - take advantage of the time before the proposal deadline.

Implement keyboard shortcut support for Datetime Picker Control

Possible mentors: We'll provide you with the appropriate mentor

The idea is to add support of all/some of the keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this MSDN page, so that we can select a day by the keyboard.

Wine bug 50511 will also benefit from this work.

Note: All All GSoC projects are considered as eligible projects for OSPP Summer.

Brain Storming

Please feel free to drop immature ideas here. It's okay if you post an idea here while you're not participating as a student/mentor. It may be the start of some high-quality discussion

Student Guide


You must state that you will follow these minimal legal requirements :

  • You are not allowed to read or reuse Windows source code (leaked source / Windows Research Kernel* / ...)

(* we are following the SFLC's advice)

  • You are not allowed to reverse engineer Windows files by disassembling or decompiling them
  • You are not allowed to analyze Windows files with the trace functions of Wine
  • People who work or have worked for Microsoft should probably not participate

For more information, please read Developer_FAQ#Copyright_Issues, Clean_Room_Guidelines

How to Apply

  1. Introduce yourself on the wine-devel mailing list
  2. Discuss your ideas with other wine developers
  3. Submit your final proposal on OSPP Summer portal


Zhenbo Li
IRC: @zhenbo:matrix.org
Email: litimetal -at- gmail dot com

Austin English
IRC Nick: austin987
Contact: austinenglish -at - gmail dot com

Name: André Hentschel
Email: nerv -at- dawncrow -dot- de
IRC: Andre_H