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winecfg - Wine Configuration Editor


winecfg [options]


winecfg is the Wine configuration editor. It allows you to change several settings, such as DLL load order (native versus builtin), enable a virtual desktop, setup disk drives, and change the Wine audio driver, among others. Many of these settings can be made on a per application basis, for example, preferring native riched20.dll for wordpad.exe, but not for notepad.exe.

If no option is given launch the graphical version of winecfg.


-v [version], /v [version]

Set global Windows version to version and exit. If version is not specified, display the current global Windows version and exit.

-?, /?

Display help, valid versions for version and exit.


Bugs can be reported on the Wine bug tracker


winecfg is part of the Wine distribution, which is available through WineHQ, the Wine development headquarters



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