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[Wine] enables Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and Solaris users to run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows. Wine is [free software] under constant development. OtherPlatforms Other platforms may benefit as well.

Most popular links

About the Wine project

  • A brief overview of WineFeatures and goals.
  • An overview of Wine ProjectOrganization.
  • WhosWho in the Wine project, Acknowledgements for major contributors, & a list of all registered wiki homepages.


  • Bugs Debuggers can help by testing Wine and narrowing down problems, or help triage bugs reported by other users.
  • Writers Writers can contribute by documenting the program, maintaining the wiki, and translating various parts of the project.
  • Designers Designers can, among other tasks, draw icons for programs, or improve the style and function of the website.

Other useful links

  • The TitleIndex of all pages in this Wiki (useful for wiki editors).
  • DownloadLinks where you can find certain applications to use along with Wine.

More information

  • The Wine project SourceCode can be downloaded or browsed online.
  • You can browse archived discussions or subscribe to the Wine [mailing lists].