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These sub-programs are usually accessible by running:

wine wineprogram arg1 arg2 ...

at the shell. For example:

wine winecfg

For Wine 1.1.15 and before, executable wrappers were provided for some of these programs, but as this messed up out-of-tree builds, the wrappers were removed from Wine 1.1.16. These wrappers allowed you to type just:


at the shell (as long as Wine is installed in the user's $PATH).

A complete list of these programs can be found in Wine's source, under programs/.

  • cacls - edit ACLs
  • clock - displays a rudimentary clock
  • cmd - Command prompt implementation
  • cmdlgtst - (for developers) commdlg.dll test jig
  • control - Control Panel implementation
  • eject - ejects optical discs (note that wine eject is different from the normal eject command)
  • expand - expands cabinet (.cab) files
  • explorer - explorer.exe implementation
  • hh - HTML help (.chm file) viewer
  • icinfo - shows installed video compressors for Wine
  • iexplore - Internet Explorer implementation
  • lodctr - load performance monitor counters
  • msiexec - msiexec.exe implementation for installing .msi files
  • net - starts and stops services
  • notepad - Notepad, a simple text editor
  • oleview - allows browsing and exploring COM objects as well as configuring DCOM
  • progman - Program Manager implementation
  • reg - console-based registry editor
  • regedit - Registry Editor implementation
  • regsvr32 - register OLE components in the registry
  • rpcss - quasi-implementation of rpcss.exe
  • rundll32"] - loads a DLL and runs an entry point with the specified parameters
  • secedit - security configuration edit command
  • services - manages services
  • spoolsv - print wrapper
  • start - starts a program or opens a document in the program normally used for files with that suffix
  • svchost - (internal) host process for services
  • taskmgr - Task Manager implementation
  • uninstaller - basic program uninstaller
  • unlodctr - unload performance monitor counters
  • view - metafile viewer
  • wineboot - "reboots" (restarts) Wine, for when Windows apps call for a real reboot * Needs man page *
  • winebrowser - launches native OS browser or mail client
  • winecfg - GUI configuration tool for Wine
  • wineconsole - displays Windows console
  • winedbg - Wine debugger core
  • winedevice - (internal) manages devices
  • winefile - file explorer implementation
  • winemenubuilder - helps to build Unix menu entries
  • winemine - classic minesweeper game
  • winepath - translates between Windows and Unix paths formats
  • winetest - all the DLL conformance test programs suitable for unattended testing and report submission
  • winevdm - Wine virtual DOS program
  • winhelp - Help viewer
  • winhlp32 - Help viewer (32-bit)
  • winver - displays an "about Wine" window
  • wordpad - wordpad.exe implementation
  • write - starts wordpad (for Win16 compatibility)
  • xcopy - Wine-compatible xcopy program

Programs not run with wine

These programs are run directly (i.e. not "wine program", just "program"):

  • winelauncher - attempts to intelligently manage the process of launching a program with Wine
  • wineserver - daemon process that provides to Wine roughly the same services that the Windows kernel provides on Windows


These tools are a collection of scripts and executables to aid development of Wine. They are invoked as a standalone command while in the tools directory (e.g. ~/wine-git/tools/wineinstall).

A complete list of these commands can be found in the source at wine-<version>/tools/

  • buildimage - generates bitmap and icon files from SVG files
  • - generates API documentation
  • config.guess - attempts to guess a canonical system name
  • findfunc - attemps to locate a specified Wine program/tool
  • install-sh - installs a program, script, or datafile
  • makedep - generates makefiles and dependencies prior to building Wine
  • make_fir - generates the FIR filter used by dsound
  • make_makefiles - updates configure and the files based on changes to the source tree
  • make_requests - updates the Wine server protocol description files
  • make_specfiles - updates the .spec files when something has changed
  • make_unicode - rebuild the Unicode tables based on the files from
  • make_xftmpl - generates a binary header from a .x source file
  • runtest - wrapper script to run one of the Wine regression tests from inside the build tree
  • sfnt2fon - converts bitmap-only ttf to Window font files
  • wineapploader - wrapper script to start a Winelib application once it is installed
  • wineinstall - Wine installation script
  • winemaker - helps converting Windows sources to Winelib programs