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Top level page for the most duplicated bugs in Bugzilla, and the most frequently reported bugs on wine-devel, wine-users, the user forum, IRC, and the AppDB.

Current known issues

Not bugs in Wine (but may still cause problems)

Bug 7991 Rendering is garbled when a program needs to use the maximum number of shader constants of a graphic card
Bug 31882 Many multithreaded gui apps randomly deadlock in winex11 driver surface section
Bug 10841 Restore display resolution when focus is lost or on exit
Bug 18118 Multiple DOS apps/games fail to start in DOSBox when started from Wine (need DOSBox > 0.74)
Bug 32479 Multiple applications crash or fail to establish secure server connections (Wine package built with 32-bit GnuTLS 2.6 while host provides 2.8)
Bug 37347 Black screen or distorted graphics with Intel drivers (Mesa bug 84651)

Previous issues that have been fixed

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