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Current known issues

Top level page for the most duplicated bugs in Bugzilla, and the most frequently reported bugs on wine-devel, wine-users, the user forum, IRC, and the AppDB.

Bug 3260 StarForce 3.x: games crash or fail to start due to missing kernel driver infrastructure [metabug]
Bug 18070 Multiple apps need separate msi custom action server process due to COM/MTA and/or isolation issues
Bug 657 Many games and applications need 'mfc42.dll'
Bug 3952 GameGuard does not work in several applications

Not bugs in Wine (but may still cause problems)

Bug 7991 Rendering is garbled when a program needs to use the maximum number of shader constants of a graphic card
Bug 31882 Many multithreaded gui apps randomly deadlock in winex11 driver surface section
Bug 10841 Restore display resolution when focus is lost or on exit

Previous issues that have been fixed

In Wine 1.9.*

Bug 30557 winegstreamer broken with >=glib-2.32.0

In Wine 1.7.*

Bug 24611 Install Shield fails on 64bit multilib wine if WINEPREFIX was created by 64bit wine
Bug 6955 Multiple games need software vertex blending implementation
Bug 8854 Unable to get keyboard / mouse input in multiple games

In Wine 1.3.*

Bug 219 Programs refuse to run because of SafeDisc copy-protection
Bug 6971 Mouse "escapes" window or is confined to an area in the full screen program. (See [:Bug6971:wiki page] for patches.)
Bug 7640 Mouse too slow / lags in games
Bug 9787 Warcraft3 Doesn't work (Needs !AcceptEx)
Bug 16281 Wine lacks support for fully animated cursors

In Wine 1.2.*

Bug 10142 Switching workspaces/desktops can make some application windows disappear - fixed in wine-1.2-rc4
Bug 13891 start.exe h``ttp://someurl/ does not work (affects any app that invokes external browser, e.g. Google Sketchup) - fixed in wine-1.2-rc5
Bug 15069 Apps won't minimize and extra caption bar shows - fixed in wine-1.2-rc3

In Wine 1.1.*

Bug 4464 d3dx9_*.dll are unimplemented - fixed in wine-1.1.14 (d3dx9_38/39/40.dll), in wine-1.1.19 (d3dx9_41.dll) and in wine-1.1.30 (d3dx9_42.dll)
Bug 4561 winecfg crash with ATI fglrx kernel driver on firegl based graphics cards. (Workaround [:fglrx:here].) - fixed in wine-1.1.40
Bug 10708 Animated cursors do not work in games - fixed in wine-1.1.10
Bug 16732 Wineserver crashes on break points - fixed in wine-1.1.13
Bug 20160 iexplore: automatic gecko installer crashes (workaround: [:winetricks:winetricks gecko]) - fixed in wine-1.1.33

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