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=== Tips & Tricks ===
=== Obsolete ===
* [[Developer Hints]]
Jeremy is getting ready to delete this page, but is awaiting guidance from Rosanne.  The content is now all on the [[Wine Developer's Guide]].
* [[Vim Tips|Tips for Vim users]]
* [[Commonly used functions]]
* [[Building Wine]]
* [[Wine and Valgrind|Running Wine under Valgrind]]
* [[Debug Channels]]
=== Undocumented Windows ===
* [[List Of Windows Messages|A list of windows messages, by value]]
* [[Ternary Raster Ops|The format of a ternary raster operation code]]
* [http://www.rawol.com/?topic=41 Undocumented Windows 2000 Secrets]: Updated PDF-Version and CD content (from the Author)
* [http://books.google.com/books?id=-O92IIF1Bj4C Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw] by [http://www.fengyuan.com Feng Yuan] (Working at HP for Printer Drivers; Now at Microsoft for WPF and XPS)
=== Debugging Tutorials ===
These tutorials are aimed at people who know C and programming, but are just starting out with Wine development. They're meant to show you how to debug problems when apps don't work.
* [[Debugging Reason 3]] - a simple "Unhandled exception" error message. Introduces debug tracing, the shell DLLs and SEH/exception tracing.
* [[Debugging PE Explorer]] - fixing a simple hang in the file open dialog (yet another shell bug). Introduces backtracing using winedbg and different types of result codes.
* [[Debugging Wild Metal Country]] - finding why a game crashes (due to DirectPlay) and how to confirm the bug.
* [http://kegel.com/wine/bug30486.html Fixing a tiny problem in the Common Controls hotkey control]
* [http://kegel.com/wine/richedit.html Tracking down speed problems in riched20]
* Many bug reports by Anastasius Focht contain excellent descriptions of how he found the problem; see [http://bugs.winehq.org/buglist.cgi?query_format=advanced&emailreporter1=1&emaillongdesc1=1&email1=focht&emailtype1=substring Focht's bug reports]

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Jeremy is getting ready to delete this page, but is awaiting guidance from Rosanne. The content is now all on the Wine Developer's Guide.