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Wine does not have CJK fonts .

Some CJK applications hardcode the fonts they need, such as SimSun/MS Gothic/Batang and other default CJK fonts in Windows; usually these fonts can't be obtained freely due to copyright issues. If you have these fonts, you can simply copy them to usr/share/fonts/truetype . If you don't have these fonts, you can map them to alternative CJK Fonts in your system by Font Replacements settings in Wine. Different Linux/Unix distributions have different default CJK fonts, so the Font Replacements setting is depending on systems, and we can't set it built-in in upstream Wine.

If you are a normal Wine user, you mostly do not need to worry about Font Replacements; your distribution packages should have set them already. However, if they don't, it is recommended to file a bug report to your distribution (not upstream Wine!). If you are compiling Wine from source code for testing purpose, or you are the distribution package maintainer, please check the below example to see how to set Font Replacements:

Here is an example patch to show how to set Font Replacements in

Be careful: this patch changes the encoding of the file loader/ from ASCII to UTF-8 with BOM, don't miss the BOM header in the above patch! Copy&Paste may miss the BOM header, download and save the file is recommended.

The above patch is for Ubuntu, if you are using other distributions, you need to adjust the patch to match your distribution's default CJK fonts.

After patching, you can just use

sudo make install

to build Wine again.

But you don't have to build the whole Wine. Just run the below command from the Wine source code root directory to generate a new wine.inf and install it to the system wine directory:

cd loader && make wine.inf
sudo make install wine.inf

As far, Ubuntu and Fedora have set Font Replacements in their Wine deb/rpm packages, feel free to edit this page to add more distributions.

Alternative, you can change Font Replacements settings by registry key as well, see Useful Registry Keys for more information.

Please don't file CJK font rendering bugs to upstream Wine before setting Font Replacements correctly. When reporting CJK font bugs to Wine, please mention how do you set Font Replacements and whether you have installed MS fonts.

Feel free to contribute CJK fonts to Wine, see Create Fonts for more informations.

Once Wine supports detecting default CJK fonts through Fontconfig, then no Font Replacements settings will be needed any more.


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