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February 2-3, 2013

Instead of having Wineconf 2012 we'll have a devroom at FOSDEM 2013 (Brussels, Belgium) on Sunday. The Keynote will be at 9:00. For non-local people it is recommended to arrive on Friday/Saturday and plan to leave either on Sunday evening or on Monday.

Of course you can also plan some extra time in Brussels. Usually there also informal gatherings in some place where people can eat and talk on Friday and Sunday night too.


ULB Campus Solbosch, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

FOSDEM is at ULB Campus Solbosch. We choosed a Hotel for the Wine related people, it's the Best Western Hotel Royal Centre. You should book your room directly from the hotel, the sooner the better.

  • For Wine, Jeremy selected the Best Western Hotel Royal Centre
    • Rue Royale 160, 1000 Brussels
    • Official Rate is 89€ per night, including breakfast (via hrs as example)
    • A Better Price for two nights found at (forwarding to
    • Single Room is 59€ per night, excluding breakfast (Breakfast: 15€) and it's still possible to cancel the booking, when needed.

Of course, you can just pick another Hotel, this is just the default for us.

Mailing List

Please subscribe to the wineconf mailing list. This is the best way to keep apprised of the latest news about the conference. This is also the best place to discuss the agenda, travel planning, and so on.


Wine Project devroom at

Getting there

Transportation guide at


Wineconf 2013 is over! Slides and Videos from presentations are below:

Topic Video Speaker
Keynote Keynote Alexandre Julliard
Wine for Users N/A Rosanne DiMesio
Mono Development for Wine Mono Development for Wine Vincent Povirk
Status of 3D Drivers for Modern Gaming Graphics Drivers for Modern Gaming Stefan Dösinger
Windows RT and Wine / Wine on ARM N/A Vincent Povirk, André Hentschel
WineTestBot N/A François Gouget
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