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eject is a Wine command. It is used to free, unlock, and eject an optical device when Wine is using it.

Note: in order to eject, the drive must be correctly set up in winecfg and must be invoked with wine preceding it.


wine eject [-u] [-a] [-h] [x:]...
   -a  Eject all the CD drives we find
   -h  Display this help message
   -u  Unmount only, don't eject the CD
   x:  Eject drive x:

Useful when trying to use multidisk installers:

  1. wine /media/cdrom/setup.exe (or whatever it's called)
  1. When the installer prompts for the 2nd disc, go to another terminal and run `wine eject` if just pressing the eject button doesn't let go of the disc

Alternate suggestions to run `wine /media/cdrom/setup.exe` don't always work because wine uses a different method of accessing the contents of the CD in that case that doesn't survive a CD change untouched. Case in point is the Game "NEXUS - The Jupiter Incident".