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DirectDraw is the part of DirectX which handles displaying graphics on the screen.

In the Wine context, when one speaks about DDraw, one speaks about all the 2D APIs (DirectX 1 to DirectX 7) but also all the 'old' 3D APIs (Direct3D1 to Direct3D7). This is to prevent confusion with Direct3D8 and Direct3D9 which, while keeping the same name, are a completely different set of APIs.

DDraw Versions and Interfaces

The DDraw interface numbers don't totally match up to the version of DirectX they were introduced:

  • DX 1 brings IDirectDraw and IDirectDrawSurface
  • DX 2 IDirectDraw2 and IDirectDrawSurface2
  • DX 3 adds IDirectDrawSurface3, IDirect3D, and IDirect3DDevice (IDirectDraw3 is an IE specific interface that lives in ddrawex.dll)
  • DX 4 adds IDirect3D2 and IDirect3DDevice2
  • DX 6 adds IDirectDraw4, IDirectDrawSurface4, IDirect3D3 and IDirect3DDevice3
  • DX 7 adds IDirectDraw7, IDirectDrawSurface7, IDirect3D7 and IDirect3DDevice7