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The Application Database features a maintainer rating system that allows you to see which applications work best in Wine. This rating system is designed to assist users by giving a rating based on an ‘expert's’ experience.
#REDIRECT [[AppDB Maintainers#AppDB Rating Criteria]]
* An application can be rated as Platinum if it works as well as (or better than) on Windows ‘out of the box’. No workarounds are required.
* Application works as well as (or better than) on Windows with workarounds.
* Application works excellently for ‘normal’ use, but has some problems for which there are no workarounds.
* Application works, but it has some problems for normal use.
* An application gets this rating if the problems are severe enough that it cannot be used for the purpose it was designed for. There should be at least one bug report in Bugzilla if it gets this rating.

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