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Starting with version 1.7.34 Wine Staging provides a stub implementation for nvapi.dll which is required by PhysX to enabled GPU acceleration through CUDA. The current implementation does not provide any useful features except making PhysX happy. This might change in the future as some of the features offered by nvapi may be implemented through libXNVCtrl and NVML, but there is no concrete plan yet.

In the meantime it is possible that an application expects nvapi to be fully functional when it detects the library. This can lead to problems that do not occur without nvapi. If you encounter such a problem and you do not intend to use PhysX through CUDA or cant use it (AMD/Intel GPU), you can safely disable the library.

Disable NVAPI

Hiding NVAPI support from applications can be done by deactivating the nvapi.dll through winecfg. Open winecfg, go to the Libraries tab, add an override for nvapi and nvapi64 and change it to disable by pressing the edit button. If you would like to re-enable the support, you just need to remove these lines again.