Who's Who

Here you can find information which you can use to stalk your favorite Wine developers and contributors or just learn more about the people involved in the making of what Wine is today. A complete list of authors can be found in the source code repository.

Top Committers

The command

git shortlog -s -n --since="(1year)" origin | head -n 10 

lists the top 10 people who have contributed to Wine in the last year by number of commits, most frequent first.

As of May 2018, the top ten committers were

  580	Alexandre Julliard
  565	Nikolay Sivov
  465	Jacek Caban
  438	Józef Kucia
  364	Henri Verbeet
  287	Hugh McMaster
  270	Zebediah Figura
  254	Hans Leidekker
  170	Alistair Leslie-Hughes
  164	Dmitry Timoshkov


AppDB: BenKlein, RosanneDiMesio, LouisLenders, JeffZaroyko, AustinEnglish, Nathan.N, KenSharp, AlexanderSørnes, RobWalker

Bugzilla: AustinEnglish, DanKegel, JanZerebecki, JeremyNewman, TonyLambregts

IRC: JeremyNewman

Mailing-lists: JeremyNewman

Testbot: FrancoisGouget

Wiki: RosanneDiMesio, JeremyNewman


Many Wine developers have personal Wiki pages describing their interest in Wine (see AddingYourToDoList).

Disclaimer: Some of the information in this list may be quite old.

Wine Contributors
Alex Pasadyn
Alex has been using Wine since the dark ages - 1994. Although, as he explained, back then it was a bit more like experimenting than actually using. Alex began submitting patches a few years ago, primarily related to low-level graphics. Alex is a custom programmer and engineering consultant but in his spare time enjoys music and running.
Location: Austin, Texas (GMT-6)
IRC Nick: ajptx
Contact: ajp -at- mail dot utexas dot edu
Alexander has been involved with Wine since 2005. He works on Norwegian language support, was a Google Summer of Code 2007 participant, improved Wine's Wordpad, and submitted many other miscellaneous patches.
Location: Bergen, Norway (GMT-1)
IRC Nick: AlexanderSoernes
Contact: MailTo(alex AT SPAMFREE thehandofagony DOT com)
The enigmatic Alexandre Julliard, who has been in the project since its beginning in early 1993, has worked on and maintained the official Wine source ever since Bob Amstadt turned the helm over to him quite early. Although he enforces strict control over the official source tree (thus ensuring that every change must pass his scrutiny), nobody questions his abilities as the project leader, his commitment to quality, and his dedication to the Wine project; many 'disadvantageous' patches have been avoided by his strict quality control.
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: julliard
Contact: julliard -at- winehq dot org
Andreas Mohr
Andreas was born in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1977 and grew up in Renningen, near Stuttgart. He did the usual military service after high school and in 1997 began studying electrical engineering at Stuttgart University. Now he's attending the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen studying computer science. Besides the normal CS classes Andreas is focusing on embedded systems, automation, and networking.BRBRMost recently Andreas worked on the wineboot utility responsible for performing startup tasks required by applications. In the past he's been responsible for work in many different areas including documentation, installer support, and memory management.BRBR Interview: #6
Location: Esslingen, Germany (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: andim
Contact: MailTo(andi AT SPAMFREE rhlx01 DOT fht-esslingen DOT de)
Andrew mostly works cursor support.
Location: ? (UTC-7)
IRC Nick: Griswold
Contact: ?
Andrey wants to make playing DX10/11 games in Wine comes true. Testing and reporting of bugs it's one of the ways to win. Author of Glintwine tool.
Location: Ukraine (GMT+2)
IRC Nick: andycellar
Contact: MailTo(andrey DOT goosev AT SPAMFREE gmaіl DOT com)
André does various things, ARM/ARM64 and other portability stuff, have a look at the Wikipage.
Location: Franconia, Germany (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: Andre_H
Contact: see Wikipage
Aric Stewart
Aric Stewart lives in a small, very yellow 1 1/2 story house in snowy Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jeremy White likes to parade him around as the only Wine hacker that CodeWeavers has been able to grow from scratch, which is true. Working for CodeWeavers since his graduation from college he started working on Wine because of his employment at CodeWeavers. He has done a lot of random bug fixes and work on windows tablets for CodeWeavers, but really found his own area when he tried to use some of his Japanese programs on Wine and worked hard to get XIM and IMM32 to play nice together. When he is not hacking on Wine or answering customer support tickets, Aric studies martial arts, tries to keep his Japanese language skills from fading, watches Japanese animation, runs role playing games and LARPs, makes jewelry, hangs with friends or is out wandering around one of the lakes in town.
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota (GMT-6)
IRC Nick: aricstewart
Contact: aric -at- codeweavers dot com
Austin does a lot of work in Bugzilla and the AppDB, as well as miscellaneous Wine stuff. He also maintains winetricks. Contributions
Location: Austin, TX (GMT-6)
IRC Nick: austin987
Contact: austinenglish -at- gmail dot com
2007 Contributions. Ben normally spends his time submitting bug reports for random applications or doing general janitorial work on the AppDB or Bugs site as well as helping support the #winehq channel on Freenode.
Location: West Midlands, UK (UTC±0)
IRC Nick: Enverex
Contact: MailTo(ben AT atomnet DOT co DOT uk)
Bill Medland
Bill has been a programmer since the mid-eighties but only got involved with Linux and Wine since 2001. He's been involved with getting applications developed by his employer to work under Wine. As such, he's worked on a lot of interface areas. Outside of work he enjoys snowboarding with his daughter, curling, and volunteering for his church and the Lions.
Location: British Columbia, Canada (GMT-8)
IRC Nick: ?
Contact: billmedland -at- mercuryspeed dot com
Brian's regular job is supporting a large telecommunications infrastructure for a major ski resort. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1997 with an electrical engineering degree. After college he worked for a small software development firm where he got his first exposure to Wine. Brian's first real involvement with Wine began in 2001 by taking over the Wine Weekly News from Eric Pouech. After proving repeatedly he has no talent for writing code he's decided it's best to stick with documentation.
Location: Breckenridge, Colorado, USA (UTC-6)
IRC Nick: vinn
Contact: vinn -at- theshell dot com
Started using wine in 2006 and contributing in 2011, mostly interested in network related DLLs with some few other contributions here and there. He wishes wine to support smart cards soon so he will finally be able to live an open-source only life.
Location: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (UTC-3)
IRC Nick: I'm too shy to talk to people.
Contact: 00cpxxx -at- gmail dot com
Google Summer of Code participant!
Location: Michigan, USA (GMT-4)
IRC Nick: bdegrend
Contact: MailTo(sirnuke gmail com)
Can Taşan
Can Taşan is a student, and a computer enthusiast who faces the vast dominance of Windows in both formal and informal life in his country. Searching something for different, after discovering Windows betas, he bumped into ReactOS and Wine, and started to follow them. With too little knowledge of programming, he has decided to be the Turkish translator of Wine. In the near future he plans to fully utilize Linux and Wine, mainly testing Windows 3.1 to XP era apps and helping them to get working.
Location: Istanbul, Turkey (GMT+3)
IRC Nick: N/A
Contact: betax34 at SPAMFREE hotmail DOT com
Christian is an engineer who works on HW accelerated video codecs for mobile phone industry. He first tried Wine in 2001 and began submitting patches the next year. His first additions were for DOS support of DMA and SoundBlaster emulation. He moved on to Direct3D and DirectDraw and worked on the revival of that code. Christian also added Midi and WaveIn support to the winealsa sound driver. Outside of Wine, Christian enjoys playing guitar, snowboarding, and games.
Location: Grenoble, France (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: bad2073
Contact: MailTo(titan DOT costa AT SPAMFREE wanadoo DOT fr)
Chris Morgan
Chris first got started with Wine back in 1999 when he first started using Linux. In 2001 he worked for CodeWeavers after which he continued to work on Wine. Chris wrote both the aRts and jack audio drivers. Now he's moved on to working on some configuration issues by improving winecfg and wineinstall. When he's not performing tech support on #winehq, Chris enjoys motorcycling and weightlifting.
Location: Boston, Massachusetts (GMT-5)
IRC Nick: cmorgan
Contact: MailTo(cmorgan AT SPAMFREE alum DOT wpi DOT edu)
Chris has worked on quartz, wined3d, wgl, and miscellaneous fixes.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: KittyCat
Contact: ?
Winsock and misc patches 2006-2007.
Location: ? (GMT+2)
IRC Nick: dacha
Contact: MailTo(damjan.jov AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)
Dan has done some wonderful things with WIDL.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: dsh
Contact: MailTo(dsh AT SPAMFREE linux DOT ucla DOT edu)
WWN issue #346 describes Dan as "a Google employee who is at the core of the moving and shaking behind Wine. He helped port Picasa to Linux, was the Wine 1.0 release manager, constantly patrols Wine-Users and the Wine-Devel mailing lists, watches daily valgrind runs and does regular regression-testing is the overall expert and awesome dude: Dan Kegel."
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA (GMT-8)
IRC Nick: dank
Contact: MailTo(dank AT SPAMFREE kegel DOT com)
Location: Germany (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: ganymede
Contact: MailTo([email protected])
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: davidl
Contact: MailTo(davidl AT SPAMFREE lmert DOT com)
Detlef Riekenberg
Detlef started with Wine in 2005. He has done lots of work on Wine's printing support and touched various parts in Wine and the tests.
Location: near Cologne, Germany (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: winspool
Dimi Paun
Born in Bucharest, Romania in 1974, Dimi started hacking on a Sinclair Spectrum clone called HC85 in grade 9. In 1992 he moved to Toronto, Canada. He earned a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Comp. Sci. at the University of Toronto Now he's working as an independent contractor for financial institutions and other large multinational companies.BRBRDimi has been involved with Wine since 1995 and contributed to many different areas, including common controls. Dimi's focus lately has been on project management and acting as a catalyst to drive Wine toward a beta release. He also has a fairly new obsession trying to improve the porting interface to enable applications to be easily compiled with Winelib.BRBR Interview: #2
Location: Toronto, Canada (UTC-5)
IRC Nick: dimi
Contact: dimi -at- lattica dot com
Dmitry first got involved with Wine in 1999 when he tried to get PageMaker 6.5 running. Nowadays, he specializes in internationalization. Dmitry helped introduce unicode support in Wine and converted all the USER controls to unicode. He also rewrote all the file APIs to use unicode internally. Dmitry did a lot of work on the X11 driver so it could support keyboard input from various locales as well as making dead keys work.
Location: Irkutsk, Russia (GMT+8)
IRC Nick: dmitry
Contact: MailTo(dmitry AT SPAMFREE baikal DOT ru)
Duane Clark
Duane is a circuit design engineer who first started using Wine to run engineering software on Linux. He first started hacking on Wine in 2000 to make printing of schematics work right.
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA (GMT-8)
IRC Nick: ?
Contact: dclark -at- akamail dot com
EA Durbin
Misc Wine patches and AppDB stuff.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: ea_durbin
Contact: MailTo(ead1234 AT SPAMFREE hotmail DOT com)
Originally Eric's involvement specialized in multimedia. He also contributed substantially to the development of the Wine debugger and window handling. Lately his focus has been on the DLL separation kernel32 and ntdll - some of the core parts of Wine. His latest work includes a complete rewrite of Wine's filesystem handling.BRBR Interview: #5
Location: Clamart, France (GMT+2)
IRC Nick: [EricP]
Contact: MailTo(eric.pouech@NO_SPAM_orange_DOT_fr_AT_ALL)
Erich works primarily on HTML Help and winsock, but also fixes miscellanous issues affecting applications that he finds interesting. He is currently focusing on getting patches for ```Silverlight```/```PlayReady``` included in vanilla Wine.
Location: Denver, CO (GMT-7)
IRC Nick: ehoover/compholio
Contact: MailTo([email protected])
Evan has done some work on GdiPlus.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: estade
Contact: MailTo(estade AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)
François Gouget
François recently moved back to France after spending five years in California. He attended college at Ecole Centrale de Lyon studying engineering sciences. He's been involved with Wine since 1998 and responsible for making Winelib more usable. Part of that means developing the winemaker tool.BRBR Interview: #11
Location: Paris, France (GMT+2)
IRC Nick: fgouget
Contact: MailTo(fgouget AT SPAMFREE codeweavers DOT com), fgouget -at- free dot fr
Recently worked on winhttp.
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands (UTC+1)
IRC Nick: hansl
Contact: MailTo(hans AT SPAMFREE meelstraat DOT net)
Hundreds of wined3d improvements.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: stringfellow
Contact: ?
Huw Davies
Huw is the resident font guru. In the past he's also done extensive work on Wine's Postscript driver and printing.
Location: Oxford, England (GMT-0)
IRC Nick: huw
Contact: h.davies1 -at- physics dot ox dot ac dot uk
Jacek has been working on Wine since 2003. He is a student of computer science at the University of Wroclaw. Currently he is mostly working on implementation of Internet Explorer libraries on top of Gecko HTML engine.
Location: Wroclaw, Poland (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: jacekc
Contact: MailTo(jack AT SPAMFREE itma DOT pwr DOT wroc DOT pl), jacek -at- codeweavers dot com
James attends the University of North Texas where he will graduate with a B.S. in Computer Science in the fall of 2007. Since his first patch in 2004, James has implemented AdvPack and the HTML Help Viewer. He's also fixed several installer bugs. When he's not skipping class to work on Wine, James enjoys snowboarding, backpacking, and collecting antiquarian books.
Location: Dallas, Texas (UTC-5)
IRC Nick: truiken
Contact: MailTo(truiken AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)
2006 Contributions.
Location: Las Vegas, California, USA (GMT-8)
IRC Nick: ?
Contact: jrliggett AT cox net
Bugzilla Admin, 2006-2007 contributions.
Location: Germany? (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: Amorphous
Contact: at
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: Jave27
Contact: MailTo(jave27-at_gmail-dot_com)
Started contributing various bug fixes in 2008, among other things enjoys hacking in the purely functional programming language Haskell.
Location: Sydney, Australia (GMT+10)
IRC Nick: jeffz
Contact: jeffz-at-jeffz-dot-name
A geek who specializes in PHP and Perl web based development, Jeremy co-wrote and designed the Wine Application database, redesigned the WineHQ website, and wrote the XML parser for Wine Weekly News. Jeremy has a knack for transforming a vague idea on a wishlist into reality.
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota (GMT-5)
IRC Nick: laxdragon
Contact: MailTo(jnewman AT SPAMFREE codeweavers DOT com)
In 1996 Jeremy founded CodeWeavers , the creators of the popular CrossOver Office and CrossOver Plugin products. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife and two children. Before starting CodeWeavers, Jeremy founded Holten, White and Associates, a computer consulting firm. He's the first to point out that Alexandre won't accept any of his patches. Jeremy has been a driving force behind developing and promoting Wine.BRBR Interview: #4
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota (GMT-5)
IRC Nick: jwhite
Contact: MailTo(jwhite AT SPAMFREE codeweavers DOT com)
Google Summer of Code 2007 participant. 2007-2008 contributions.
Location: ? (UTC-5)
IRC Nick: jklehm
Contact: MailTo(xixsimplicityxixATSPAMFREEgmailDOTcom)
Jon was born in England but has lived most of his life in Auckland, New Zealand. He considers himself a Kiwi and his English friends agree. Jon attended Waikato University in Hamilton, New Zealand and earned a degree in psychology and computer science. For the most part he's been traveling for the past few years. He does admit to doing some work, including converting a friend's Internet cafe from Windows NT to Linux. Jon's Wine involvement includes work on the shell lightweight API (shlwapi.dll) and OLE automation. Aside from programming, his other hobbies include playing guitar and singing. He's also willing to read any book that happens to be laying around.BRBR Interview: #10
Location: UK? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: ?
Contact: MailTo(jon_p_griffiths -at- yahoo -dot- com)
Has provided language support for French, miscelanious paches, and many improvements to the Application Database.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: jernst
Contact: MailTo(jonathan AT SPAMFREE ernstfamily DOT ch)
Juan lives wherever his backpack is; Anchorage, Alaska at the time of this writing. He's successfully managed to avoid real work for nearly two years. When he's not pretending he's a climber, he's trying to improve the networking support in Wine, and wondering why he can't get a date.
Location: Davis, California, USA (GMT-8)
IRC Nick: jil
Contact: MailTo(juan_lang AT SPAMFREE yahoo DOT com)
A Google Summer of Code 2005-2006 participant who has done lots of work on SSPI and Samba integration.
Location: ? (UTC+2)
IRC Nick: kblin
Contact: MailTo(kai DOT blin AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)
Mac driver developer working for CodeWeavers
Location: Minnesota, USA (GMT-5)
IRC Nick: ken
Contact: MailTo(ken AT SPAMFREE codeweavers DOT com)
Kevin Koltzau
Kevin first got into Wine on a whim a few years ago when he first installed Linux at home and needed to get some games running. Recently in the process of porting a few Windows applications he had written he noticed some headers were missing. In a fit of madness he started implementing theming. Kevin also enjoys paintball and skiing.
Location: New York City, New York (GMT-5)
IRC Nick: tindalos
Contact: kevin -at- plop dot org
Krzysztof Foltman
Ex-game and audio developer who now earns a living by doing boring web work at a large Polish Internet portal. In his nonexistent spare time, he works on the rich text editor clone for Wine. (2004-2006)
Location: Kraków, Poland (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: kfoltman
Contact: MailTo(wdev AT SPAMFREE foltman DOT com)
Lionel works as a software engineer on the protocol parts of GSM/3G phones. He has been responsible for implementing much of the DirectDraw and lower level OpenGL support in Wine. He has worked extensively on most of the DirectX APIs, including DirectSound and DirectInput. In his spare time he enjoys climbing, hiking, snowboarding, and reading.BRBR Interview: #15
Location: Toulouse, France (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: BBrox
Contact: MailTo(lionel.ulmer AT SPAMFREE free DOT fr)
2005-2008 contributions.
Location: UK? (GMT-0)
IRC Nick: qwertymn
Contact: ?
Maarten has been submitting patches since early 2005, was a Google Summer of Code 2007 participaint, and has done a lot of work with dsound, alsa, and quartz.
Location: ? (UTC-7)
IRC Nick: mlankhorst
Contact: MailTo(M.B.Lankhorst AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)
Marcus has been working on Wine since 1995 and contributed a lot of patches and bugfixes. He is personally to blame for the first revisions of reading and saving the Registry, starting the DirectX implementation, doing the second OLE out of process COM support implementation, and more. In these times he is taking care that the SUSE Wine RPMs get build and some small bug fixes.BRBR Marcus studied computer science at the University of Erlangen and graduated in 1997. After doing civil duty, he started working as Senior Developer for Caldera Systems in 1999, working on distribution development. After Caldera closed its development office in 2002 he started and is now working for the SUSE Linux Products GmbH as a Teamlead of the Security Team.BRBR Interview: #3
Location: Nürnberg, Germany (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: _Marcus_
Contact: MailTo(marcus AT SPAMFREE jet DOT franken DOT de)
Martin Fuchs
Martin's primary focus of development is for the ReactOS team. As such, he's implemented much of the functionality of the ReactOS Explorer. In turn, that work required significant additions to Wine's shell32 DLL. In the past he's also contributed to Wine's Winefile application and various user interface things such as common controls.
Location: Bavaria, Germany (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: ?
Contact: MailTo(martin-fuchs AT SPAMFREE gmx DOT net)
Matt is interested in getting Mono and Wine working. 2007 contributions.
Location: ? (UTC-7)
IRC Nick: mattj
Contact: MailTo(matt DOT wine AT SPAMFREE mhjones DOT org)
Matteo started hacking on Wine during Google Summer of Code 2009 with a project about implementing the shader assembler. He's been working on various d3dcompiler and d3dx9 stuff and general wined3d bugfixes.
Location: Bologna, Italy (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: Mystral
Contact: MailTo(matteo DOT mystral AT gmail DOT com)
Michael is a Google Summer of Code 2011 student working on improving the D3DX9 Mesh functions. He is currently attending a master's program at The Technical University of Denmark, where he is specializing in 3D computer graphics. He has previously contributed test suite patches for the shell32 implementation. He additionally has some related uncommitted shell32 patches in bugzilla.
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark (UTC+1)
Contact: MailTo(michael AT SPAMFREE mcdonnell DOT dk)
Michael is the founder of the Pipelight project, a software based on Wine to simplify using Windows plugins in Linux browsers. At the moment he is focusing especially on optimization of Wine, and working on various patchsets to make GPU features like video decoding directly available to Windows programs.
Location: Germany (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: DarkPlayer
Contact: [email protected]
Michael first became involved with Wine in 2001. He's working mostly on static code analyses and massive automated code changes. He is currently the Wine Stable maintainer.
Location: Stuttgart, Germany (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: puk
Contact: MailTo(mstefani AT SPAMFREE winehq DOT org)
Mike first got involved with Wine when he tried to make the Adobe SVG viewer to work in Internet Explorer so he could use Linux to do development instead of Windows. Since then he's worked on many different parts of Wine, typically by taking random apps and fixing bugs until they work. Being a student takes up most of his time, but he fits Wine hacking along with his other project, autopackage, into the gaps.BRBR Interview: #13
Location: Macclesfield, England (GMT-0)
IRC Nick: TD
Contact: MailTo(mh AT SPAMFREE codeweavers DOT com)
Mike is a Australian Wine developer who has lived in Sydney, Seoul, and London. He studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Sydney, worked full time as a Wine developer work for CodeWeavers from 2002-2007. He worked on many different areas of Wine including adding support for named pipes and the MSI library. Currently taking a break from Wine to work on ring3k. BRBR Interview: #7
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom (GMT+0 winter / GMT+1 summer)
IRC Nick: mike_m
Contact: wine dot msi at gmail dot com
Owen took part in Google Summer of Code 2008, working on configuration and control panel functionality. Owen now works at CodeWeavers, generally doing the bidding of Jeremy and tackling bugs assigned to him by the ninjas.
Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA (GMT-6 winter / GMT-5 summer)
IRC Nick: orudge
Contact: MailTo(owen AT owenrudgeNOSPAM DOT net)
Paul manage the Computer-Cluster that build the winetest binaries and run the Wine Regression Tests 1999-today contributions.
Location: UK (GMT-0)
IRC Nick: ?
Contact: MailTo(paul -at-
Paul is a consultant at one of the larger ISV's. He started working on Wine in 2004 to get some programs running for his kids as he was reluctant to give them administrator rights just for running games. In his spare time he's working on miscellaneous stuff to get Wine to a higher level.
Location: The Netherlands (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: pvriens
Contact: MailTo(Paul DOT Vriens DOT Wine AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com), paul dot vriens -at- xs4all dot nl
2006-2007 contributions.
Location: England, UK (GMT-0)
IRC Nick: philcostin
Contact: MailTo(philcostin AT SPAMFREEPLEASE hotmail DOTTAGE com)
Phil Krylov
Phil mostly specializes in Richedit code, however, he also has contributed in other areas. Currently he works as a SAS data warehouse administrator, but seeks any chance to be paid for making Free/OSS software.
Location: Moscow, Russia (GMT+3)
IRC Nick: philkrylov
Contact: phil -at- newstar dot rinet dot ru
Raphael has done some work on DirectX.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: fenix
Contact: MailTo(fenix AT SPAMFREE club-internet DOT fr)
Reece does a lot of work with testing.
Location: Oxford, England (GMT-0)
IRC Nick: msclrhd
Contact: MailTo(msclrhd AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)
Rob has worked on Wine since 2002 and has been at CodeWeavers since 2004. He started because he was looking for a challenge and got one when Jeremy asked him to improve COM in Wine so that DCOM95 would no longer be needed. When he is not hacking on Wine, Rob enjoys partying and cycling, although not at the same time.
Location: Reading, UK (GMT-0)
IRC Nick: playa
Contact: MailTo(rob AT SPAMFREE codeweavers DOT com)
Roderick works on WGL and wine3d.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: Thunderbird
Contact: ?
2005-2006 contributions.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: s2
Contact: MailTo(saulius DOT krasuckas AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)
Scott maintains the Ubuntu Wine repositories and obsesses about documentation and usability.
Location: ? (UTC-7)
IRC Nick: !YokoZar
Contact: MailTo(scott -at- open -dash- vote -dot- org)
Sebastian started contributing to the Wine project at the end of 2013, with the main goal to improve Pipelight user experience. The focus has shifted a bit in the meantime, and he is currently focusing on all kind of bugs. He is one of the maintainers of wine-staging, a sub-project of the wine community which tries to focus on various "hard to get upstream" features.
Location: Germany (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: slackner
Contact: [email protected]
Shachar started working on Wine in 2002, with the major focus being BiDirectional support. He has also done some unrelated work, mostly for clients. Shachar is the owner of a small company called "Lingnu Open Source Consulting". Unfortunately, life has drifted him away from active Wine work, and is now only working on Wine infrequently. BRBR Interview: #16
Location: Kfar Sava, Israel (GMT+2)
IRC Nick: shachar
Contact: MailTo(shachar -at- lingnu -dot- com)
Stefan is a student of Computer Science. He started hacking on Wine when he tried to get Empire Earth running, now he is working on the Direct3D and DirectDraw code.
Location: Vienna, Austria (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: stefand
Contact: stefandoesinger -at- gmx dot at
Lots of work on testing and miscellaneous janitorial work.
Location: Bavaria, Germany (GMT+1)
IRC Nick: sle85276
Contact: MailTo(Stefan.Leichter AT SPAMFREE camline DOT com)
Steven's primary work has been on the port of Wine to the Mingw-gcc compiler for Microsoft Windows and compatible systems (ReactOS). His goal is to provide the Window API support from Wine for ReactOS project. In his spare time he plays with porting Wine to other platforms like Cygwin and Microsoft Services for Unix.BRBR Interview: #14
Location: Greenville, South Carolina, USA (GMT-4)
IRC Nick: sedwards
Contact: winehacker _at_ gmail _dot_ com, Steven_Ed4153 -at- yahoo dot com
Location: Espoo, Finland (GMT+2)
IRC Nick: ?
Contact: MailTo(IMaxFun AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)
2005-2007 contributions.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: tkho
Contact: MailTo(tkho AT SPAMFREE ucla DOT edu)
If you've ever looked at Wine's status pages you've seen Tom's work. He's responsible for keeping those updated and also makes general improvements to the web site. Tom has a knack for getting applications to run and can often be found helping others in various Wine forums.
Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA (GMT-4)
IRC Nick: Tom-W
Contact: twickline -at- gmail dot com
Tony got involved with Wine in 2002 trying to get his children's games to run. His first patch was in ddraw clearing up some screen corruption in SimCity. He has worked at cleaning up the documentation, various janitorial projects and the care and feeding of Bugzilla. His latest project was to integrate the Application Database with Bugzilla.
Location: St. Albert, Alberta, Canada (UTC-7)
IRC Nick: Tony_Lambregts
Contact: MailTo(tony.lambregts AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com), tony_lambregts -at- telusplanet dot net
2003-2006 contributions.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: TroyRollo
Contact: MailTo(wine AT SPAMFREE troy DOT rollo DOT name)
Ulrich has been a paid developer on Wine for many years. He began working for CodeWeavers in 2000 but previous to that had experience working for Corel. While there, he ported the WordPerfect Office Suite and Corel Draw to Linux. He's worked on numerous areas of Wine including the loader, the resource compiler, common controls, clipping issues, the security API, and a rewrite of the clipboard just to name a few. When Ulrich isn't working on Wine he enjoys taking courses at the University of Toronto and relaxing with his wife.
Location: Toronto, Canada (GMT-4)
IRC Nick: ulrichc
Contact: MailTo(ulrich DOT czekalla AT SPAMFREE utoronto DOT ca), ulrich -at- codeweavers dot com
Vincent Povirk
Vincent likes to play with broken applications and figure out what's wrong with them, but when it comes to actually fixing the issues he tends to get distracted and move on to something else. He doesn't much care what part of the code this takes him to. He now works for CodeWeavers, which forces him to take the time to actually resolve some problems.
Location: Saint Paul, MN (GMT-6)
IRC Nick: madewokherd / vpovirk
Contact: MailTo(madewokherd AT gmail DOT com)
Vincent Béron
Vincent pays the bills as a mechanical engineer. With regard to Wine, he serves as the packager for Red Hat distributions, versions 7.3, 8, and 9. Lately he's also been involved in localization and various janitorial projects.
Location: St. Laurent, Canada (GMT-5)
IRC Nick: papineau
Contact: MailTo(vberon -at- mecano -dot- gme -dot- usherb -dot- ca)
Vitaliy has submitted hundreds of patches and has worked on dinput, Russian translation, and many misclelanious parts of Wine that needed attention. Vitaliy can often be seen on the mailing lists and Bugzilla.
Location: ? (GMT-?)
IRC Nick: vitamin
Contact: ?
Zach has been writing the Wine Weekly Newsletters since late 2007 and attempts to be useful when possible in many areas.
Location: USA
IRC Nick: zgold
Contact: zgold at the domain of
I have a bizarre interest in programs that are older than I am.
Location: USA (GMT-6)
IRC Nick: zf, Neurergus

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