My Info

Name: Jeremy Newman

Email: [[email protected]]


Duties: Build and maintain the main web server. Build hardware, and keep the hamsters running in the servers.

Passions: ignoring people, breaking servers, mangling PHP/Javascript/HTML/SQL

News Bloggy Thing

2024-03-15: Upgraded and migrated the wiki to a new server.

2016-01-14: Setup the new Wiki!

2014-08-28: New round of server upgrades happened this year. WineHQ now has an 4 drive RAID10 array. Otherwise, business as usual. Hamsters recently fed.

2008-12-10: We updated today with a new skin. It was discussed earlier this year at WineConf that the site was due for an update. Jon Parhsall and I set out to come up with a new look and feel. The funny thing is the main menu of the site is now VERY similar to a design we had over 5 years ago. I'm sure you can still find it on While I was re-skinnng the site, I went ahead and updated the template engine. It now uses Apache2's mod_rewite to shorten the URLs. The site also now does translations a bit better.

2008-03-19: We added a Forum front end to the Wine-Users mailing list. Thanks to jwhite for finding the nifty phpbb mail2forum. It is working very well for our needs. Other than that, I've been busy getting the CodeWeavers server ready for CrossOver Games. I've spent some time and re-taught myself Flash CS3. I have not used Flash since 3.0 or so. The timeline works just like I remember, but the scripting has completely changed. I'm loving Firefox 3.0. I look forward to it going final. Between Firefox, IE7, and Safari, we finally have browsers that render pages fairly consistently. I find that I can write HTML/CSS now that works with very few custom tweaks. All this makes me smile just a bit.

2007-12-12: I finally got around to implementing an RSS feed for WineHQ. It's been a busy year. We also upgraded Bugzilla. w00t! That finally closes out about 100 bugs. My ToDo list for WineHQ is pretty clear. I just need to keep on the patch queue.

2007-01-25: CrossOver 6.0 shipped this month. This marks the end of a long transitional road to the Mac for me. I now have a nifty MacBook that I test CrossOver on regularly. I also spend more time testing my various site code with the Mac. Today for example I spent a few hours getting our ticket system email gateway to behave better with all this new mail coming from MacMail clients (and I thought Outlook did interesting things to email). It seems MacMail defaults to HTML formatted email. It was not the HTML that was a problem, it was the embedded attachments in the HTML. Not a big deal. It is nice to have it finally fixed. I've also really learned to hate Perl 5.8's handling of Unicode. Ugh, don't even get me started. :-)

2006-10-26: I'm working on a patch site for AlexandreJulliard and the SFPA. Just a basic user mananger and agree to a survey type of thing. Otherwise I've been very busy with CrossOver 6.0 stuff, when we are not playing World of Warcraft. We really like using Macs around our office these days. It reminds me of how far Linux has come, and how far it still has to go.

2006-05-04: Wow almost a year since my last update. Not much to report, WineHQ has been running smoothly. Since the last update we moved WineHQ to Debian Sarge and give it its own box. That was not without headaches but after almost a year the effort has been worth it. In fact, I am totally willing to move the WiKi back over to I am ready to do that at any time. Otherwise I am cranking on all sorts of stuff for the next release of CrossOver over at CodeWeavers. I have a whole new redesign in the works. Once that is done, I'd like to come back to and update it a bit. I want to implement things like RSS and maybe move the site over to XHTML. I don't feel we need to reskin at this time. I'm still happy with the current theme.

2005-06-03: This week I moved to its own servers. My long time dream of getting WineHQ and CW onto seperate boxes is finally coming to pass. The servers seem to handle the load now without flinching. The next phase is to move WineHQ over to our new ISP. It is still hosted at our old one. The plan was after that that I take down WineHQ, backup the files, then reformat the system and install Debian 'Sarge'. This has the potential to take WineHQ down for quite a few hours as I rebuild the site. What I may do while the box is down, is take one of the crappy boxes we have here and make it into a temorary web server that just contains a page explain why the site is down. This whole plan is deferred for the moment as I have CodeWeavers priorities to finish first. I hope to get to it by the end of summer.


WineHQ ToDos:

  • Maintain Patch Queue
  • update the skin for 2008
  • Add a Forum gateway to wine-users
  • Implement RSS for the news
  • Upgrade to mySQL 5
  • Upgrade to PHP5
  • Upgrade Servers to Debian 'Etch'
  • Update Bugzilla to 3.x
  • Rebuild the WineHQ Server using Debian 'Sarge'. Currently Red Hat 9.0 Based.
  • Make a Commercial Support Page.

CodeWeavers ToDos:

  • Reprioritize my priorities.
  • Actually do some work.


I'm usually not a big fan of Wiki's because they always start out popular and fresh. But, after a while they fill up with useless crud and cruft. I hope I am wrong with the WineHQ one as it has some potential.

Saying I am busy is an understatement. I will always try to respond to any email within 24-48 hours. Please be patient. If I don't respond it is because my head is wrapped around something major. I am a single task kind of guy.

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