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My Info

Name: Aric Stewart

Aric Stewart lives in a small, very yellow 1 1/2 story house in snowy Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jeremy White likes to parade him around as the only Wine hacker that CodeWeavers has been able to grow from scratch, which is true. Working for CodeWeavers since his graduation from college he started working on Wine because of his employment at CodeWeavers. He has done a lot of random bug fixes and work on windows tablets for CodeWeavers, but really found his own area when he tried to use some of his Japanese programs on Wine and worked hard to get XIM and IMM32 to play nice together. When he is not hacking on Wine or answering customer support tickets, Aric studies martial arts, tries to keep his Japanese language skills from fading, watches Japanese animation, runs role playing games and LARPs, makes jewelry, hangs with friends or is out wandering around one of the lakes in town.

Email: aric -at- codeweavers -dot- com

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota (GMT-6)

IRC: aricstewart

Areas of Expertise: Imm32, HID, Uniscribe

Languages: English, Japanese

commited patches