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Images/links for translations when they are ported

Click on the appropriate link to create page for the translation. When finished, copy the image and wiki links and paste into the "Translations of this page: " line on the English page.

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I have removed the manually-created tables of previous issues and replaced them with links to Bugzilla searches for fixed bugs in previous development releases. The searches are based on the release dates of each series, and the one for 1.9.* ends with "Now." This will have to be updated after 2.0 comes out.

The downside of these searches is that they find all bugs fixed in each series, rather than just the most duplicated ones. The latter can't be done from a simple bugzilla search; it would require a cgi script like the one that produces the most-duplicated bugs list. That might be a good project for someone with those skills. --RosanneDiMesio (talk) 10:32, 6 March 2016 (CST)