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Build and run Winetest to upload fresh results

See ConformanceTests for information on running the test suite.

Known Good Window Managers

Message-sequence tests usually fail because of window manager bugs. Alexandre has been working with window manager developers to get these fixed. At the moment, known good window managers are:

  • metacity 2.23.8 or later (see for how to build and run that)
  • fvwm 2.5.26. (Alexandre says: "fvwm 2.4.20 may also work on 32-bit, the bug I fixed was for 64-bit platforms".)
  • KDE in Gutsy seems to be ok, too, though Alexandre hasn't blessed it

So - if you are seeing message sequence failures, check to see if switching to one of the above window manager versions helps.

Known Good Graphics Cards

The only graphics cards known to pass all d3d9 tests are Nvidia GeForce 6 and higher. (Note: a few TODO's are expected, that's ok.) For instance, here are lspci strings of cards that have passed the tests:

  • nVidia Corporation G70 [GeForce 7600 GT] (rev a1)
  • nVidia Corporation G80 [GeForce 8800 GTX] (rev a2)
  • nVidia Corporation NV40 [GeForce 6800] (rev a1)
  • nVidia Corporation NV41GL [Quadro FX 1400] (rev a2)
  • nVidia Corporation GeForce 9800 GTX+ (rev a2)

ATI cards are known to fail the tests due to bugs like

ATI is willing to fix bugs that affect games badly, but aren't eager to fix conformance test failures that don't correspond to a bug in a popular game.

Flaky tests

patchwatcher ignores failures in the a number of tests because they seem to fail intermittantly. The blacklist as of 27 Aug 2008 is:

  • comctl32:tooltips.c
  • d3d9:device.c
  • d3d9:visual.c
  • ddraw:visual.c
  • kernel32:thread.c
  • urlmon:protocol.c
  • urlmon:url.c
  • user32:msg.c
  • user32:input.c
  • user32:monitor.c
  • wininet:http.c

More flaky tests:

  • ole32:marshal.c - random timeout, crash or success
  • ole32:clipboard.c - even after fix in 1.1.31
  • oleaut32:tmarshal.c and likely some more ole* tests
  • winmm:wave - sometimes `waveOutGetPosition(0): returned 10787 samples (10787 bytes), should be 22050 (22050 bytes)`, followed by `SMPTE/MIDI/TICKS test failed`

Some tests fail with WINEDEBUG set. A few of these are a WONTFIX:

  • crypt32:sip.c - +relay - "+relay adds a wrapper around functions, so it's normal that addresses no longer match." - Alexandre Julliard
  • rpcrt4:cstub.c - +relay - "Functions pointers are changed by +relay, same issue as bug 17517." - Alexandre Julliard
  • user32:class.c - +relay - "Functions pointers are changed by +relay, same issue as bug 17517." - Alexandre Julliard

Known bugs

We currently have a couple general bugs related to "make test" failures on Wine:

  • bug 9916: "make test" usually fails
  • bug 12074: The conformance tests fail on Windows
  • bug 7915: Wine tests fail on Mac OS X
  • bug 7645: Wine tests fail under FreeBSD and other problems

As well as several specific failures:

  • bug 10221: d3d9: visual.c:8694: Test failed: TSSARGTEMP test returned color 0x00ff0000, expected 0x00FFFF00
  • bug 19183: d3d9: visual flakey test failures
  • bug 12730: gdi32: some tests fail when X is run in 16 bit mode, but not 32 bit fails
  • bug 12768: gdi32: metafile.ok fails in a virtual desktop
  • bug 12925: d3d8: Visual test fails
  • bug 17416: urlmon: url sometimes fails wit 2 errors

and several platform-specific failures (hmm, maybe we went a bit overboard with bug reports here):

  • bug 12840: kernel32: change.ok test fails in PC-BSD but not Linux
  • bug 12854: ntdll change.ok test fails in PC-BSD and OS X but not Linux
  • bug 12858: winmm: wave.ok test fails in PC-BSD but not Linux
  • bug 12891: ntdll: exception.ok test fails in PC-BSD, Solaris and OS X but not Linux
  • bug 12894: kernel32: thread test fails in PC-BSD but not Linux
  • bug 12896: kernel32: pipe.ok hangs in PC-BSD but not Linux
  • bug 13230: msi: msi.ok fails in Opensolaris
  • bug 15538: gdi32: path.ok test succeeds in todo block in PC-BSD and OS X

Automated test reports

See also ConformanceTests for how to look at or contribute to the automated test result reporting system.

When you run the 'dotests' script, your results should show up at within a few seconds.

You can use the perl script to ignore tests which pass everywhere. Its output for wine-1.0-rc2 as of May 24 is at . The skipgood script above now also tallies tests by how many people they fail for; see below.

Most Common Failures on XP

As of 2011/08/24, the tests that fail the most on machines running XP are:

gdi32:font urlmon:protocol urlmon:url user32:cursoricon ws2_32:sock

Most Common Failures on Wine

As of 1.0-rc2, here are the tests that fail on some Wine systems, and how many people they fail for:

14 user32:msg
12 user32:win
9 user32:input
6 dsound:ds3d dsound:ds3d8 kernel32:path user32:monitor
5 kernel32:process msi:install msi:package riched20:editor
4 comctl32:listview ddraw:visual dinput:device gdi32:font gdi32:metafile kernel32:profile kernel32:sync kernel32:virtual snmpapi:util urlmon:protocol user32:class wininet:internet
3 comctl32:monthcal ddraw:d3d kernel32:volume msi:msi setupapi:devinst shell32:shlfolder user32:menu userenv:userenv
2 advapi32:registry advapi32:security advapi32:service comctl32:tooltips d3d8:visual d3d9:visual ddraw:dsurface dsound:dsound kernel32:version msvcrt:time ntdll:exception psapi:psapi_main qedit:mediadet
1 advpack:advpack advpack:install ...[many deleted]... wininet:http winmm:wave winspool.drv:info

Whew, that's a lot of data. I looked at all the ones that failed for five or more people:

user32:msg, user32:win, and user32:input are probably people running non-blessed window managers; Alexandre's position is that we can ignore these, since upstream gnome's WM is fixed.

dsound:ds3d is mostly "ds3d.c:891: Test failed: The primary volume changed from -27 to -960" (worrisome, random) plus "ds3d.c:896: Test failed: The primary pan changed from -5594 to -5595" (rounding error, just add slop of 1?). dsound:ds3d8 is the same.

kernel32:path is mostly "path.c:899:TMP=c:\windows\temp"..."path.c:1178: Test failed: expected buf[0] upper case letter got c", probably people whose ~/.wine is old and has a windir that starts with a lowercase drive letter?! Has that changed recently?

msi:install is mostly "install.c:4414: Test failed: File installed".

msi:package is mostly "package.c:1661: Test failed: wrong return val (0)"

riched20:editor has several failures.

d3d9:visual failures are all from people not running an approved graphics card, and can be ignored (though maybe we should tell users we only support nvidia Geforce 6 and higher for 3d graphics...)

Here are some older notes from a previous build:

kernel32:process is mostly "process.c:1237: Test failed: Wrong cursor position"

ddraw:visual has two kinds of errors. The most common is "visual.c:2045: Test failed: Got color 00dcdde6, expected 0000ff00". Less common is mstefani's failure, "visual.c:481: Test failed: Untransformed vertex with linear vertex fog has color 00ff0000". [fixme: file bugs?]

urlmon:protocol has three or so failure modes; most common is "protocol.c:1597: Test failed: Read failed: 8000000a (0 bytes)". [fixme: file bug?]

gdi32:font has several failure modes, not sure what's going on there. [fixme: file bug?]