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Top level page for the most duplicated bugs in Bugzilla, and the most frequently reported bugs on wine-devel, wine-users, the user forum, IRC, and the AppDB.

Current known issues

Not bugs in Wine (but may still cause problems)

Bug 7991 Rendering is garbled when a program needs to use the maximum number of shader constants of a graphic card
Bug 10841 Restore display resolution when focus is lost or on exit
Bug 18118 Multiple DOS apps/games fail to start in DOSBox when started from Wine (need DOSBox > 0.74)
Bug 31882 Many multithreaded gui apps randomly deadlock in winex11 driver surface section
Bug 32479 Multiple applications crash or fail to establish secure server connections (Wine package built with 32-bit GnuTLS 2.6 while host provides 2.8)
Bug 34166 Fullscreen flickering on Mac
Bug 37347 Black screen or distorted graphics with Intel drivers (Mesa bug 84651)
Bug 41637 Delphi: Wineserver stuck / not responding since linux-4.8.3 (kernel bug fixed in 4.9.7)

Previous issues that have been fixed

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