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Welcome to the WineHQ Forums! We hope you find your stay here both enjoyable and productive. To that end, the Wine community has a few guidelines users should read and heed before posting.


  1. Read the FAQ. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) contains useful information that new Wine users typically ask about. Try to make sure your question is not already answered in the FAQ before posting. Additionally, see the [:FrontPage:Wiki Front Page] for more sources of information.

  2. Search the AppDB. The Application Database, or AppDB, contains information about how specific applications works under Wine. Useful guides, tips, and tricks for getting your program working can often be found in the AppDB. Note: The AppDB is community driven and relies on feedback from Wine users. Please contribute by providing your own test data for applications you've tried under Wine!

  3. Use Meaningful Subject Lines. A good subject line can decrease the amount of time you spend waiting for a response. Similarly, a bad subject line can increase response time or even eliminate responses altogether. A good subject line includes at least some details about the problems you are experiencing.

    Poor: Please Help!!!
    Good: GuberChat Deluxe 2.3 hangs when I mouse over the smiley face button.
  4. Include Details. Basic details to include:
    • Your Wine version (wine --version) Time saver: Get the latest version of Wine and try your application with it before posting. You may be told that you need a newer version of Wine before further assistance can be provided. (Try the Wine Download Page.)
    • Your operating System (MacOS X, Fedora 7, FreeBSD 5.3, etc)
    • Terminal output. Capture this by running your program in terminal with:
    $ wine your_app.exe &> /tmp/log.txt 2>&1
    • What the problem is. State what is the expected behavior of the software is and what the experienced behavior is.
    • What you've tried. Include any changes you may have made to your wine configuration such as:
      • Library or DLL Overrides in winecfg
      • Non-default registry settings
      • used winetricks
      • If possible, include a URL to a freely (and legally) available version of the software, such as a demo, which exhibits the same issues.

  5. Treat others with respect. This should go without saying and in doing so you help promote an atmosphere of excellence within the community. See The Golden Rule.


  • Post topics which have little or nothing to do with Wine. The Wine HQ Forum is not a general Linux/FreeBSD/Mac OS X/Solaris help forum. You should be familiar and comfortable with your operating system of choice and its command line interface.

  • Post topics that include Links, references, questions, or information about any illegal activity. These include (but are not limited to) obtaining pirated software or circumventing DRM. Your post will be summarily deleted, and you could potentially be banned!

  • Post questions about third party applications used to install and/or manage Wine. Such applications should provide their own support channels. If you have used one, retest in plain Wine before posting here.

  • Hijack threads. Before posting in an existing thread, please read the entire thread. If the problem you are experiencing is not identical to the one originally reported, start a new thread for your problem.

  • Use excessive punctuation or capitalization, profanity, or so-called "leet speak". Generally these things annoy readers and as a result they might be less inclined to respond to your question. You could also potentially be banned and have your posts deleted. The following examples are frowned upon:

    • Extra punctuation does not make your plea for help any more effective!!!!! Ok?????
    • no 1 wll help u f u do this 4 itz r34lly annoying, take your haxorz elsewhere.

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