explorer.exe does one of two things:

  • Provides an alternative method of starting winefile. Simply put, it accepts parameters similar to the explorer provided by Windows then uses them to call winefile.
  • Creates a named "virtual desktop" which programs can run under.


 wine explorer [/n] [/e,] [/root,object] [/select,object] 
   /n              Opens in single-paned view for each selected items. This is default
   /e,             Uses Windows Explorer View
   /root,object    Specifies the root level of the view
   /select,object  Opens parent folder and selects (highlights) specified object


 wine explorer /desktop=name[,widthxheight] [program]
   name            name of the desktop (used when launching other programs under the same desktop)
   [,WidthxHeight] specifies the size of the desktop to create (example 800x600)
   program         If supplied explorer will attempt to launch the program.


wine explorer /desktop=foo,800x600 winemine

Requesting the desktop named "shell" starts a virtual desktop which includes a start menu and remains open even if no programs are running inside of it:

wine explorer /desktop=shell

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