This FAQ answers questions related to the usage of the WineHQ Application Database.

What is the Application Database?

The Application Database is a repository for Windows application compatibility information with Wine. In particular it provides the following information: (See the Visual FoxPro entry for an example)

  • Whether a given application works at all with Wine.
  • If it is partially working, then which areas of the application have problems.
  • How to install and get that application working best.

And if the Windows application you want most to use with Wine does notwork, it lets you vote for it to bring it to the attention of Wine developers.

What are the benefits of this Application Database?

The Application database benefits both Wine developers and users. It lets Wine developers know which applications the community most wants to see working. And it lets Wine user know beforehand if their application will work in Wine, and also what are the tricks to get it working best.

How does a new application get added to the database?

Any registered user can submit an application. Use the Submit App link in the AppDB sidebar to add an entry; it will be processed by an admin before becoming visible to all users. You can make changes to your queued entries by visiting the Your Queued Items page.

For more info on submitting new applications, new versions, and even test results to AppDB, see the AppDB Test Results Guidelines

How long does it take for test reports to be processed?

Maintainers have 7 days to process test reports. They are automatically removed if they fail to do so, and the queued test reports are then reviewed by an admin. Submissions for entries that do not have a maintainer are processed by the admins. If your test remains in the queue for more than 7 days, report it on the Website Issues section of the forum.

How can I submit screenshots?

We love to hear from our users. Send those helpful screenshots by clicking on any screenshot image you will see in the specific version page of the application you want to add a screenshot for. If you are not a maintainer, your screenshot will be reviewed and will then be added to the database.

How can I submit how-to's?

If you are not a maintainer, you can't create new official How-to's. So the best way to proceed is to post your How-to as a comment in the specific version page of the application of interest. A maintainer might then choose to add your How-to as an official How-to for this database entry.

How do I become an Application Database maintainer?

If you are submitting a new application or version entry, the submission form will have a section asking if you want to be a maintainer; simply click yes. To apply to be a maintainer or supermaintainer of an existing entry, click on the button you will find in the application overview or specific version page to send your request. Clearly describe your qualifications and reasons for applying. An administrator will then review your proposal and add you to the maintainer's team for this application or version if your application is approved.

What is the difference between a super maintainer and a maintainer?

A super maintainer maintains an application and all its versions. A maintainer maintains only one specific version of an application.

What is meant by the term vendor?

The vendor is the developer of an application.

Contacting Us

If you have more questions or comments please contact us on our forums.

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