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Wine On Android

Wine on Android was first presented at FOSDEM2014.


Download the apk from our Download site and search the Internet for "install apk android" for instructions how to sideload the apk on your Android version.


In case you want to build it yourself, the raw steps are:

  1. Download the current Android NDK and SDK
  2. Use build/tools/ in the NDK to create a toolchain
  3. Add the toolchain to your PATH and correctly set ANDROID_HOME and NDK_SYSROOT
  4. Crosscompile libpng and freetype for Android using the toolchain
  5. Run Wines configure with correct parameters for --host= and --with-wine-tools= as well as information how to find libpng and freetype built before
  6. After a successful "make" the apk can be found in dlls/wineandroid.drv/

Keyboard Issue

Currently the Keyboard won't pop up by itself as you would expect it. A workaround is to install the App "Hacker's Keyboard" from F-Droid or the Play Store. Then open its settings and check "Use permanent notification". Now, when running Wine you can swipe down the notification area to enable the keyboard when you need it.


Search the Internet how to get adb shell access for your Android device. In that shell you can then run "run-as" to get into the correct folder and become the same user as the App files expect. Under files/ you can then set debug channels (e.g. ddraw) by writing them into a file called winedebug: "echo ddraw > files/winedebug".


There are some bugs on newer Android Versions, which might not be fixed soon.

Running Windows/x86 Applications

See Emulation

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