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My Info

Name: André Hentschel

Email: nerv -at- dawncrow -dot- de

IRC: Andre_H

Testmachine Prefix: ah-

Primary obsession: get some experience and help making Wine better

What I want most right now: ARM version of wine-gecko :)

Current Todo list:

  • Planning:
    • Wine on ARM64 with Clang (Build succeeds , runs?)
    • Wine/ARM in qemu user space emulation
    • Wine/ARM64 in qemu user space emulation
  • Ongoing Tasks:
    • winemaker improvements
    • German translation of Wine/Website
    • html markup fixes and translations for the webcontent
    • Documentation:
      • Finding some outdated comments
      • Finding wrong comments ( often copy&paste errors )
      • Updating manpages and docs
  • Old finished tasks:
    • Add Project- and Workspace-File support in winemaker
    • Applied the old Wine-Theme for transl
    • fiber functions (tests and improvement)
    • port Wine to ARM
    • running the testsuite on my Pandaboard
    • writing an ARM disassembler
    • port Wine to ARM64
    • Wine on ARM with Clang
    • Wine on FreeBSD/ARM
    • WoW64 combination of ARM64/ARM

See also:

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