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Thank You!

Wine is the result of many thousands of hours of work by hundreds of talented people. Development thus far has been going on for 20 years and we've seen quite a cast of characters come and go. Many people have left their mark on Wine over the years and for that we'd like to say Thank You!

Wine's success is also directly attributable to the benevolence of commercial development. A lot of companies have paid developers to spend time working on Wine and they've graciously given that work back to the community. Not very many free software projects are fortunate enough to have paid staff tackling tough problems.. we are.


CodeWeavers' mission is to make Linux a Windows® -compatible operating system. To that end, they've hired some of the best talent in the Wine community. In fact, many of the large projects recently undertaken by Wine have started as initiatives by CodeWeavers. Some of the different areas they've worked on include TrueType fonts support, internationalization and Unicode, Microsoft Installer support, DCOM support, DLL separation, and gazillions of bug fixes. In 2004 CodeWeavers hosted WineConf2004 at their offices in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Corel dedicated a team of paid engineers to the Wine project in 1999. They focused on adding functionality to Wine that let Corel applications, such as !WordPerfect, !CorelDRAW, and Quattro Pro run on Linux and be ported as native Linux applications. In the past, Corel had relied on conventional porting techniques to move some of its applications (Corel !WordPerfect 8) to Linux. This provided a fast way to get these applications to Linux, but meant that porting had to be repeated with each new version. Improving Wine and compiling with Winelib allowed them to consolidate codebases. While Corel ultimately moved on to other projects, they definitely had a positive effect on Wine.


Google's been involved with Wine since January 2006 when they contracted CodeWeavers to improve Wine's ability to run Picasa. Google also contracted CodeWeavers to improve support for Adobe's Photoshop CS2. Additionally, Google interns have improved many areas of Wine including widl, gdiplus, msi, crypt32, BITS, oleaut32, and riched20.

For more information regarding Google sponsored improvements to Wine, see [1] and [2].

Even further, Google's Summer of Code has sponsored a number of student projects. See [:SummerOfCode/PreviousProjects:].


Macadamian was subcontracted by Corel to improve several areas of Wine. For two years engineers spent time improving Wine's windowing, controls and dialogs.


Wine is at the heart of ReactOS' Win32 support. Initial work improved Wine's portability by cleaning things up so MinGW could compile it. From there, a considerable amount of effort was spent improving Wine's shell32 infrastructure and various controls. The ReactOS team is also responsible for the [:regedit:regedit] and task manager utilities.


Development efforts at TransGaming, mostly in 2002, improved several critical areas of Wine. Changes to DCOM, !DirectDraw and 2D graphics support helped new types of programs to install. Later, the widl utility was donated to act as a MIDL replacement.

...And a cast of hundreds

If you haven't seen the Who's Who list, check that out for a list of major contributors. In addition, the following individuals have spent a considerable amount of time and effort improving Wine. Also note, contributions to "misc" shouldn't be taken lightly. In most cases those folks have submitted enough patches that you can't nail down any particular area of focus.

A complete list of authors can be found in the source code repository.

Contributor Area Year(s)
James Abbatiello misc 1999-2001
Guy L. Albertelli controls 1999-2008
Bob Amstadt started Wine 1993-1994
Jim Aston misc 1999-2000
Warren Baird portability/Sparc 2002-2004
Francis Beaudet controls 1998-2000
Dave Belanger fonts 2003-2004
Maxime Bellangé controls 2003-2006
Francois Boisvert controls 1998-2000
VincentBeron misc 2002-2006
Uwe Bonnes misc 1995-2006
Noel Borthwick clipboard 1999
Alastair Bridgewater COM/OLE 2004
JacekCaban misc 2003-2008
Duane Clark misc 2001-2006
Richard Cohen programs 1999-2006
ChristianCosta DirectX 2002-2006
UlrichCzekalla misc 1999-2006
Pierre d'Herbemont portability/Darwine 2003-2006
Huw Davies fonts 1996-2006
Marcelo Duarte translations 2003-2006
Jason Edmeades DirectX 2000-2006
StevenEdwards portability/ReactOS 2002-2006
Jakob Eriksson testing & debugging infrastructure 2002-2006
JonathanErnst AppDB/misc 2004-2006
Susan Farley controls 2000-2001
Krzysztof Foltman misc 2004-2006
Martin Fuchs controls 2000-2006
Peter Ganten misc 1999-2001
Abey George COM/OLE & windowing 1999-2000
FrancoisGouget misc 1998-2006
JonGriffiths misc 2000-2006
Adam Gundy misc 2003
Michael Günnewig multimedia 2002-2003
Noomen Hamza windowing 1999-2000
James Hatheway misc 2000-2001
Dave Hawkes misc 2000-2002
JamesHawkins configuration 2004-2006
MikeHearn misc 2002-2006
Jukka Heinonen winedos 2001-2004
John Hohm DLL self registration 2002-2003
Peter Hunnisett misc 1998-2003
Serge Ivanov controls 1999-2000
György Jeney misc 2001-2003
AlexandreJulliard everything 1993-2008
Bang Jun-Young portability/NetBSD 1997-2002
Michael Jung advapi32/crypt.c 2004-2006
RaphaelJunqueira DirectX 2002-2006
James Juran misc 1998-2002
Rolf Kalbermatter shell32 2002-2006
Ove Kåven misc 1997-2004
DanKegel misc 1999-2008
Rein Klazes kernel32 1998-2006
Eric Kohl misc 1998-2006
Kevin Koltzau desktop integration/theming 2003-2006
Phil Krylov misc 2003-2006
TonyLambregts misc 2002-2006
JuanLang misc 2003-2006
StefanLeichter crypt32 & shlwapi 1998-2006
HansLeidekker misc 2003-2006
Karl Lessard X11 driver 1999-2000
Pascal Lessard controls 1999,2000
Andrew Lewycky DirectX 1996-2002
Juergen Lock portability/FreeBSD 1999-2000
Robert Lunnon portability/Solaris 2002-2006
Stephane Lussier controls & windowing 1999-2000
Pierre Mageau controls 1999-2000
Rok Mandeljc DirectX 2002-2004
VitaliyMargolen controls 2003-2008
Alberto Massari Wininet 2002-2003
Gregg Mattinson portability/Sparc 2002
Jörg Mayer build fixes 1999-2001
MikeMcCormack misc 1999-2006
Bill Medland misc 2001-2006
MarcusMeissner misc 1995-2006
Thomas Mertes misc 2003
PaulMillar testing & debugging infrastructure 1999-2006
Andi Mohr misc 1997-2006
Chris Morgan AppDB/misc 1999-2006
Filip Navara controls 2003-2006
Dustin Navea documentation 2002
Felix Nawothnig misc 2003-2006
JeremyNewman webmaster 2000-2006
Thuy Nguyen controls 1998-2000
Andriy Palamarchuk misc 2001-2002
Alex Pasadyn X11 driver 2002-2004
DimiPaun misc 1997-2006
Gerard Patel controls 1998-2002
Sylvain Petreolle NLS 2002-2006
Gerald Pfeifer portability/FreeBSD 1999-2012
Dave Pickles wcmd.exe 1998-2001
Ian Pilcher PostScript driver 2000-2001
EricPouech misc 1998-2006
Joseph Pranevich DOS support 1998-1999
Alex Priem controls 1998-2000
Ivan Leo Puoti misc 2003-2006
Paul Quinn COM/OLE 1998-1999
Robert Reif Multimedia & DirectX 2003-2006
Douglas Ridgway original webmaster 1997-2000
Robert Riggs DirectX 1998-1999
TroyRollo misc 2003-2006
Pavel Roskin misc 1998-2006
Paul Rupe controls 2001-2003
Sylvain St. Germain controls 1998-1999
Ian Schmidt misc 1998-2000
Juergen Schmied misc 1998-2003
RobShearman misc 2002-2006
John Sheets documentation 2000-2001
ShacharShemesh internationalization 2002-2004
Jeff Smith winemaker fixes 2002
Gavriel State DirectX & X11 Driver 1998-2002
MichaelStefaniuc misc 2001-2006
Norman Stevens windowing 1998-1999
AricStewart misc 2000-2006
OliverStieber DirectX 2004-2006
Patrik Stridvall tools 1998-2005
Bertho Stultiens Wine resource compiler 1997-2000
Hidenori Takeshima DirectShow 2000-2002
Joshua Thielen winemine 1999-2003
Adrian Thurston misc 1999
DmitryTimoshkov misc 1999-2008
Luc Tourangeau controls 1999-2000
Sergei Turchanov misc 1998-2003
Greg Turner misc 2002-2004
LionelUlmer DirectX 1998-2006
Ge van Geldorp controls 2003-2006
Klaas van Gend print dialogs 1999
Michael Veksler build fixes 1995-2000
BrianVincent Wine Weekly News 2001-2006
PaulVriens misc 2004-2006
Ferenc Wagner testing & debugging infrastructure 2003-2006
Thomas Weidenmueller misc 2004-2006
Ulrich Weigand testing & debugging infrastructure 1998-2001
JeremyWhite CodeWeavers CEO 1997-2008
Lawson Whitney misc 1997-2003
TomWickline documentation 2002-2006
Martin Wilck Winsock 2002-2003
Alexander Yaworsky advapi32 2004-2006

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