ARM support


Windows apps are mostly compiled for x86 and they won't run on ARM with bare Wine, likewise ARM applications won't run on x86(_64) with bare Wine, so this is not our motivation.

The original Motivation was to be able to run winelib-apps on ARM, that even was before it got public that win8 will run on ARM devices. Meanwhile we support these new ARM PEs for win8!


  • Yes, It works! (TM)
  • Running win8 ARM PEs also works.
  • Already ported Putty to ARM as winelib application.
  • First patch was September 18. 2009, final patchset sent September 18. 2010 and they got in Wine-1.3.4
  • Wine on ARM already gets packaged by Debian (since 1.7.35), Fedora, Maemo and openSUSE.
  • Good debugger/disassembler support.
  • Relay tracing.
  • Relocation.
  • Linux Kernel patched upstream for running Windows RT applications see Bug 31322


  • libs/port/interlocked.c: maybe native operations.
  • wine-gecko ARM port (waiting for mingw-w64-arm).
  • wine-mono ARM port (requires JIT/seh code modification, and a few non-essential support libraries fail to build).
  • DCOM

How to help

  • Fix compiler warnings.
  • Run winetest and report your results.
  • Fix test failures or analyse them, see below.
  • Report bugs with winelib or Windows RT applications.
  • Write tests for missing functions.


Toolchains: Every toolchain with Thumb support should work as we are independent from the crti.o mode since wine-1.5.8

Compiling on the ARM Device is recommended:

../configure && make

Anyway here is a crosscompiling example:

../configure --host=arm-linux-gnueabihf host_alias=arm-linux-gnueabihf --with-wine-tools=../path/to/your/native/wine/build && make

Maybe you also should append something like:

CFLAGS="-mcpu=yourcpu -g -O2" LDFLAGS="-mcpu=yourcpu"

Fixme/Todo: Compiling inside a chroot

Running Windows RT Applications

You can find a list of such ported applications at To run them you'll need a recent Wine and a Linux Kernel with the tpidrurw patch, it's included since Kernel 3.11-rc1. When you're unsure if the Kernel you are using supports it, you can clone, make and run tpidrurw-test, it'll tell you if your Kernel is suitable.

Running Windows CE Applications

That's still pre-alpha/proof-of-concept and not part of official Wine, don't expect any success. WineCE can be found at github.

Running Windows/x86 Applications

See Emulation

Analyzed/Known Test Failures

Wine and Valgrind

Currently a work in progress - Austin English

See also

André Hentschel

Wine On Android

ARM commits in Wine (and the Thumb ones)

ARM Bugs

AArch64: ARM64

My and Vincents slides can be found here: FOSDEM2013

For Windows RT recompiled applications check: at xda-developers

Examples of Winelib ports: - on OpenPandora

Example use of Qemu for running x86 code: Wine for PPC (per qemu usermode emulation)

There was some experience using Qemu to run the WINE x86 binary under Zaurus's ARM Debian:

Qemu Backend success story: and

Mixed topic, including ARM discussions:

Some x86-to-ARM translation strategies were also discussed:

Android running x86 wine and solitaire (by using ubuntu hack and binfmt) :

Winulator (Android APP) claims it is not wine-based, but does somewhat the same a Wine x86_2_ARM would do:

win86emu is Bochs and DOSBox based and run x86 Applications on Windows RT

Limbo is an Intel x86 PC Emulator for Android based on QEMU,also uses code from android-vnc-viewer and glib among others:

Eltechs' ExaGear RPG ([1]) allows x86 applications to run on Android using wine.

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